Thursday, March 17, 2011

Writing as a form of A.D.D.

I've noticed in reviving some of my older material, that I'm more interested in newer material --

Which is the kind of reaction I've noticed in the past.

Back when I was writing full time, I was writing all the time about all kinds of things. I was writing letters ('letters' are pieces of paper upon which you wrote thoughts to friends and family and sent by way of a postage stamp). I had extensive journals.

The words just start flowing in all kinds of directions.

At the same time, I had little patience for anything else. I was all hyped up. I couldn't concentrate on T.V. or books or conversations. I certainly couldn't concentrate on a new and challenging business. Or having a new family.

Which is one of the reasons I quit writing for years. I couldn't do both. Some writers obviously can.

I'm hoping that things are stable enough, routine enough at the store to be able to be slightly distracted all the time. I'm hoping my wife (Linda is in the midst of her own book) will understand.

T.V. is no great loss.

I'm determined to keep reading.

Anyway, it's as if I need to build up a certain amount of internal pressure to start applying words to paper --um, screen. Which pressure drowns out everything else.

And once the pressure is let out, it comes out in all forms, including, I warn you, blogging...

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