Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"I'm Only Human."

I'm busily writing fiction again.

I woke up this morning with a first line full blown in my head. By the time I got out of bed, I had the first two paragraphs composed. (Below) By the time I left for work, I had the entire first chapter done (1000 words). (I'll save you from that.)

I even have a title: the above, "I'M ONLY HUMAN."

It's exhilarating, at least until it's exposed to critique. I'm going to go ahead and read the first chapter at writer's group tonight (7:00 at the Bookmark). Probably shouldn't do that, but I need to show the new members that I actually DO write.

I may have to change the name of the creatures from kimmel, even though I like the sound, because of a certain late night talkshow host.

The story is going to be a supernatural noir, it appears.

"You're going to turn into a common street kimmel, if you don't behave," my mother declared whenever I did something unnecessarily tacky.

I haven't seen a kimmel, common or otherwise, in over a hundred years. The horseless carriages were their final doom, I believe. The nasty fumes, the hard tires, the blundering human drivers. Kimmels had less chance than your average possum or gray squirrel of surviving the roads. They were cute, but they weren't exactly canny.

Ah, yes. Blundering humans..."


Anonymous said...

Let's have a new rule in Bend. Humans only.

Anonymous said...

"Tell the truth and run" - George Seldes

Run dunc, run. :)

Anonymous said...

Leaving on a jet-plane today dunc, ... out of here until next year, ... luvs a bunch- buster

Not sure what upset the parasites, either the comment that anyone run's for office is a miscreant by definition, or the comment that Germany has released the 'mai-lai-2' photos of US servicemen abusing Afghan corpses.

Then again, it could have been my 'revised' comment about Bend real-estate where I suggest that house-hold median income drops to $30k, and that house medians drop to 3X, I'm no longer in support of 4X for Bend. Thus medians will go below $90k, I think that was probably the straw that broke the Bend Parasite Camels Back.

I'll miss ya all. Maybe even by next spring my HBM will be gone to Utah? Maybe. There's nobody else left to move dunc, I always figure you'll die there in your shop.

Like I have said this week the long time young look pretty good in Bend. The middle-age folk are the ones moving towards suicide or genocide. The restaurant scene has gone from mediocre to putrid.

I'll just say one thing about city-hall in Bend. The money hasn't really stopped yet, its still fun. Bend's debt is max'd out, and they're on the list of dead-beat locales. This year or next you should see a collapse of city services, then you can talk about 'public servants', and see who is the real miscreant or not. I would prefer to see good people take turns and put in two years. I can't stomach the 'career' public-servant. Today we have the Have's & Have-Not's, and the public is the Have's. The trouble is of course there is nobody to tax. The outcome is NOT going to be pretty. This is where the DA comes in as its his job to raise revenue by fining every activity possible. With 1/2 the homes in Bend NOT paying property taxes the logical outcome is to 2-4X those who do pay. It's going to be dog eat dog. I know there's a cap on year-to-year increase, but they'll figure out some angle. Like biz tax, or something, they'll figure out a way to squeeze money from the few that have income.

I'm Bend-Gone [tm].


Anonymous said...

Every region but the West saw record lows, and in the Northwest, sales dropped by 50% compared to year-earlier levels.

“The housing market has literally collapsed,” said Tony Sanders, a real estate finance professor at George Mason University. “We’re stuck, it’s not going to revive in the spring and may not in the summer.”


Who could have known?