Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ambushed in Margaritaville

I have all but stopped drinking. But I'm not anti-drinking; in fact, I usually quite enjoy it.

But I can't seem to function too well in my day to day life if I drink very often, so I made a decision to only drink at social functions where alchohol is served and since I go to so few social functions -- alchohol or non-alchohol -- I'm pretty safe.

One exception are my family reunions, where we tend to sit around a big table and drink wine and beer and have a great time.

So two of those dinners a my sister Susie's condo, and home to bed.

Yesterday, my brother and Linda and I went to Sisters to check out Lonesome Water books for any vintage Central Oregon history books, checked out Paulina Springs bookstore where I bought the latest Thomas Perry mystery, and then -- back in Bend -- met my sister and her two kids at Hola as they came out of the theater from seeing Rango.

I've got a very soft goal of checking out all the 'fine-dining' restaurants in Bend; I mean, at the rate I'm going, it will take forever. So Hola was a new experience. They had MARGARITA'S in huge letters in the window, so I figure when in Rome (or Peru in this case) do as the locals do.

I didn't know what kind to order, so the waiter helpfully suggested "super" margarita (sly fellow). Well, I quickly polished that off -- salt rimmed, and a lime slice (the lime slice really took the edge off.

I signaled to the waiter for a second one, and he looked surprised, but went off the start shaking up the ingredients.

"There's more in this container, Dunc," my brother Mike says.

"Oh!" I pour out another drink, and I see there is contents for at least a couple more. "Errr...."

Mike hustles off to cancel the second drink.

Turns out there were four margarita's in that container, and I hate to see anything go to waste.

So, three nights in a row of alchohol and I'm pretty wiped out. I've slept well enough, thank goodness.

So...from now on, when a drink says "Super" I probably should be paying attention.


Anonymous said...

A black president who doesn't give a shit about human rights. It's mind boggling.

Duncan McGeary said...

Maybe he' trying to avoid a avoidable massacre.

I remember the exact same arguments about Bosnia from the opponents.

This doesn't have to be Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Jack from LA has given up coffee, and you have given up alcohol (almost). Seems like a mid-life crisis or something.

Duncan McGeary said...

Well, I think maybe Jack should give up alcohol and I should give up coffee.... ;)