Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothing funny?

You know, it looked so pathetic to be dumping that whisp of water from helicopters onto the Hellgate's #1 - 6.

I mentioned that to one of my customers, and he said, "Lawn sprinklers -- those ought to work..."

Funny thing is, if I may use the word funny in relation to Japan, is that when I first started seeing pictures of the tsunami, it looked so casual, the flowing water, like rivulets of water on my garden, kind of slow moving and leisurely meandering.

Until I started translating distance and size.

And then, chill went down my spine.

Again, this isn't meant to be a joke, but, really -- Godzilla was the result of "nuclear experiments" gone awry. So all those comments about the radiation drifting off the sea -- like that's a good thing -- hey, some little fish in the Sea of Japan is even now mutating.

And Linda's comment: "So weird that Japan, of all countries, would go full in on nuclear power."


yokem55 said...

Time to start mixing concrete and conscripting an army of "liquidators"...

Anonymous said...

Regarding what linda call's weird. Let's review the facts. Japan is a USA colony. Post war we setup their government and we installed our hand-picked men to run their company's. We setup what is now TEPCO, who in turn bought only GE.
The jap's NEVER had a fucking choice on the matter. The 'left' was always silenced by the right ( usa masters ). So the jap's suffer 2 nuclear holocausts in a century. Mystery? Its well established the USA didn't need to bomb hiroshima or nagasaki, it was ONLY done to show russia our power.
Your comments scare me dunc, it makes me think that you and linda watch TV and believe in the USA tooth fairy.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you are paying attention to the world outside of Bend, Dunc! By the way, did you know that Oregon is forecast to get an earthquake just as bad as Japan's? Hope you & everyone else has earthquake insurance.

"All of NE japan will now be uninhabitable. For a long time. This will effect the OREGON economy BIG-TIME."

Am wondering about the first part. Seriously doubt the second part.