Friday, March 11, 2011

T.V. versus books.

I'm reading at a two book a week pace so far this year, which is double the number last year.

I'm doing this mostly by avoiding junk and random T.V. I'm watching the 'scheduled' shows that Linda and I watch together, and avoiding everything else.

Mondays: House and Castle. (Sometimes Antique Roadshow).
Tuesdays: The Good Wife.
Wednesday: (Sometimes Nova.)
Thursdays: CSI. Las Vegas, The Mentalist.
Fridays: Fringe.

We also watch Tru Blood and Dexter Boardwalk Empire and Spartacus when they're on. Linda and I are really looking forward to the Game of Thrones mini-series. (The Song of Fire and Ice series is, in my opinion, the second best fantasy series ever written...)

I'll tape the Bill Maher show, and watch the beginning and ending, and skip the 50 minutes of discussion in the middle.

Oh, and I watch Jon Stewart every night. It's how I get my T.V. news, now.

That's still a lot of T.V., but not as much as in the past. Without all the big cable series being currently on, it me quite a few extra hours to read or do other things.

(On the other hand, the Sunday New York Times takes me a couple billion extra hours to read...)

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