Sunday, March 6, 2011

Short reviews.

American Vampire #'s 6-11.

There are vampires, and then there are American vampires; faster, stronger, meaner, but with a warped sense of justice.

The first five issues were split between Stephen King (yes, the S.K.) writing about the first American Vampire, Skinner Sweet, an old west outlaw; and Scott Snyder, writing about a young Hollywood starlet, Pearl, who becomes the second American Vampire.

Scott Snyder writes the second story arc, and there is no drop off in quality; indeed, the first five issues were a little choppy because they were split in half. The second story is set in the great depression during the building of the Hoover damn, and the making of Las Vegas as Sin City.

My second favorite series.


Sweet Tooth #'s 15 - 19.

My favorite current series.

Old man Jepperd comes back and redeems himself, and Sweet Tooth escapes the government installation (torture chamber) with a few of the other mutants, and they start heading toward the genesis location of the world ending bug -- in Alaska.

We start getting some of the back stories of the other characters. A very indie feel, within a genre idea.

I like post-holocaust stories, and this has a real nice human storyline.


Superior #'s 2 - 4.

This is the third Icon, creator owned series for Marvel written by Mark Miller, after Kick Ass and Nemesis.

It starts out being a more innocent storyline, with a young wheelchair kid transformed into a famous superhero character in the movies by a sweet looking simian alien.

Only, I think Miller has more up his sleeve, as we see the 'sweet' alien get a Yoda look in his eye as he transforms the kid's worst bully into a super-villain with the words: "Just say you love Satan."

Oh, oh.


Jennifer Blood #1.

Hot suburban housewife is transformed at night into a hot tight-leather clad vigilante.

You know, like half the current series.

This is written by Garth Ennis, and has nice art, so I'm in for the ride.


Ides of Blood #4 - 6.

Hey, I'm into Rome right now. And vampires.


Caesar is assassinated. Vampires. Think about it.


Scarlett #4.

Hot suburban teenager is turned into hot, red haired vigilante. Wait. Didn't I just describe that? (Oh, I see. Red haired, and teenager; not housewife and leatherclad.)

Set in Portland, with lots of Portland locales. Who knew the police department in little old Stumptown was so corrupt.

Another Icon title, this one by Brian Bendis, and it seems to be trying to make the case that the 'street' culture is so put upon by the authorities, that 60's style radicalism is required.

Fun, though.


Nemesis #4.

What if Batman was evil?

The ending twist was a bit of a letdown, frankly. Takes away from what went before, even as it sets up future stories...


Terminator 2029 #'s 1-3.

First part of a story; second part is in 1984.

Ever wonder what Kyle Reese's story was in the future?

This was very well written, by Zack Whedon, and very much captured the feel of the first movies ( more than the later movies did, anyway.) Surprisingly straightforward and clear and enjoyable.


daytripper #'s 1-7.

I'd read the first issue of this before, and didn't much like the premise.

But employee Matt has been raving about it, so I gave it another try.

He's right. It's well written, and moving, and even kinda deep. I like the artwork.

Still not sure I like the premise though.

(Sorry...I can't give you the premise without giving it all away...)


Joe the Barbarian #'s 7-8.

Jasper's favorite series, and it's very well done. Amazingly detailed art.


and this is a big but for any series that wants me to recommend it; the series was so late, so slow coming out, that it lost all emotional impact.

Strangely, though, now that it's actually over, I could probably recommend it, but I think I'm too irked.

Give it awhile, let the bad taste of waiting and waiting to go away (Hear, me George R.R. Martin!) I might see a way to start pushing based on merit, not behavior.


Unwritten #'s 9 - 15.

What if a Harry Potter like series ("Only bigger!") was real.

I enjoy all the mythological and fantasy references.


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