Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mildly incorrect.

The thing I want to know is how that actress who just got dropped from Criminal Minds also managed to star in Chase, and Fringe, and all those other shows....


I know this was completely unintentional, but it still raised an eyebrow. A neighbor who was interviewed about the missing woman in the Old Mill:

"She has a husband and a dog --- and she really loves that dog..."

(Sorry if that's inappropriate, but it was darkly quirky.)


Movies have gotten frighteningly good at showing those impacts between speeding cars and pedestrians.

Character says something faintly optimistic about the future, then "WHACK!!!" Flattened.

I think it's actually made me a little more aware stepping off the curb.

Knock wood.


How to never be convicted of murder -- fire your lawyer halfway through every trial. Then appeal to the Supreme Court that your trial took too long. Brilliant.


Letter to the Bulletin: "Unions are too strong."

Well, you know, apparently not.


Every single talking head expert I heard said the U.N. would never approve a no-fly zone in Libya.

Yet there it is.

I remember when news was news, and talking heads were on radio where they belonged. And there should be a three strikes and you're out rule -- express an opinion and be completely wrong three times, and you no longer get interviewed.

Unfortunately, the American public has the attention span of a Glee cast member.


I'm starting to develop an antagonistic relationship with Linda's cellphone. Annoying thing, makes all kinds of weird noises, starts talking in the middle of movies. Last night she was fiddling with it for an hour after going to bed.

Finally, I snagged it from her: "I really don't want this in the same room with me when I sleep...."

We were at friends house a few nights ago playing Carcassonne; and their cell phones seemed to go off every few minutes. (Admittedly, their young kids were at a neighbors and they were keeping track...)

I'm telling you, as a cell-less person, you people appear to all be turning into androids.


This whole last month on T.V. appears to have been reruns, basketball tournaments, and pledge drives.

I'm getting a lot of reading done.


Reversion to mean. Classic. Tunisia and Egypt -- followed by Libya and Bahrain and Yemen shooting their demonstrators.


I was looking at the Wiki entry for Bend. From roughly the time I was born to the time I went to college, Bend grew from 11,400 to 13,700. Sleepy little town.

I think it grew by that much about every other week in the mid-00's.


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