Friday, March 18, 2011

Behind the technical eightball.

Just by talking to a few people about my online publishing efforts, I realized there is yet another movement happening online which relates to what I do but which I was unaware.

And I try to be aware.

What chance do any of us have who aren't even trying?

Art and technology are intersecting in all kinds of ways below the radar, and I suspect they are going to explode full blown onto the scene and surprise just about everyone. Stodgy old publishers and media are just browsing the surface.

There will still be room for old-fashioned, brick and mortar stores -- but this whole idea that somehow existing stores are going to co-op the new technology and art movements is just naive.

Like adding an engine to a bike and thinking you're up to date -- and the Harley Davidison is coming up on your rear view mirror and is going to blow you to the side of the road.


Duncan McGeary said...

If you are a horse breeder when the horseless engine comes along, maybe the answer isn't to jump in mechanics (when others are way ahead of you and more advanced).

Maybe the answer is to become a better horse breeder for those people who still want horses....

Anonymous said...

The parasites in the USA who sit on their ass and watch TV, make up less than 5% of the world.

The other 90% don't believe in IP, and now the great parity is arriving. The USA parasites are seeing their income collapse, while the world is having there's rise.

The future is that IP will be free, try as you wish to charge for something, but only the parasites believe that you can charge another human being for an idea.

IP means 'intellectual property' a western parasitic idea, that his/her idea has economic value. Ideas are meant to be shared, ... this is how the majority of the world thinks.

Only pathetic and sociopathic parasites believe an idea is something to be sold.

Anonymous said...

The horse-less engine will soon be gone, unless of course the engine is white-folks peddling their pedi-cab's.
The engine of today with the days of peak-oil having arrived are Bend-Over(tm).
The horse will return. The 'engine' will be a distant memory. There is no technology on the horizon to replace the internal combustion engine that burns hydrocarbons.
My prediction is that cheap white-folk can and will be rented to power pedi-cabs, not unlike coolies in China long ago pulling their passengers. That is the future for the parasites ( USA FOLK ).

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Only pathetic and sociopathic parasites believe an idea is something to be sold."

Only naive people and children believe that people will be willing to develop and share good new ideas without any financial incentive. It's human nature, sonny, and it ain't gonna change. The way in which the rewards are distributed may change, but there still will be a reward system.

RDC said...


One thing to keep in mind is that most of the new concept and ideas that people are trying to implement will fail. Maybe not the ideas, but the implementations of those ideas.

So right now you have a lot of people that have a lot of ideas on how electronic publishing will work and how it can be promoted. Most will not be successful, some will have mild success, and maybe one or two will be really successful.

I would not right off the publishers. They have a lot going for them and they can really see what is working and then move in that direction. They will need to modify their business plans, but they have a lot that is still in their favor. The real issue is going to come down to appraoch to marketing more than anything else. Getting specific books identified above the background noise level.

Physical bookstores are a different matter. They are toast. It is just a matter of when.

Anonymous said...

In the 1950s, America was above everything else. Today, relative to the rest of the world, America is nothing. For the first time in the history of capitalism, the emerging world is more powerful than the Western world. That is a huge change. And it brings huge tensions in the world. - marc faber


dunc writes gibberish and wash-dc burns, and soon bend will burn.

Duncan McGeary said...

And to think I used to wish Buster would start commenting again....

Anonymous said...

Only naive people and children believe that people will be willing to develop and share good new ideas without any financial incentive.


The majority of the world, the cost of a book, is only for the cost of printing that book.

To suggest that ALL creativity only come from the parasitic offspring of the USA legal class which has tried to drive IP enforcement up the worlds arse via 'globalization' is a laugh.

Financial incentive, like dunc will quick writing low-level sci-fi lit, when he finds out there is no 'fin-incent', ... guess what he should have seen the writing 40+ years ago.

Look at the west, what is the result of this fin-incent for IP, do you really think that the west has an edge over the rest of the world on ideas? Hell the best physicists and mathematicians in the world are in russia, and they don't 'think' for rubbles. Do do it for love of knowledge.

Paying people worthless FED-RES-NOTES, ... this is the same myth that paying teachers in USA edoocates kids, or that paying doctors brings health care. The USA has the worst health care delivery and worst edoocation, but is the most expensive.

BULLSHIT to 'financial incentive', ... what has it brought ameriKKKa? Corruption, and nepotism.

Can't imagine that HBM is defending USA capitalism at this late hour.

But then he's Bend-Finished(tm) princeton URNALIST, ... so yeh he thinks his ideas are worth money, ... ..... so where's the money? HBM

Look around on the NET, last time NYT charged they lost everyone, ... should be fun to watch, ..

Like I have said what the USA does is irrelevant, the MAJORITY ... Russia, India, Asia, ... Africa, ... SouthAmerica ... they don't play the IP game. Only USA lawyers play the IP game, and yeah they have an incentive to fuck everyone.

But this fucking everyone is exactly what has brought the USA down,

I'm not advocating anything, I'm just predicting the future, ... my prediction is that the majority win's, and that the minority "USA INTERESTS" lose. That is my proposition. It's fairly obvious if you have lived abroad. Only in USA and parts of EUROPE does people pay for IP, everywhere else it is stolen.

Anonymous said...

financial success today .. what is it?

It's content free advertising model, and only people making real money are google or facebook, or folks that can manage to sell themselves to these two.

Then there's apple which has managed to become a facilitator of entertainment.

Regarding RDC's assertion of models that work, its been almost 20 years now that folks have been giving shit away for free, and results are fairly out. Alas TECHNOLOGY hasn't changed one fucking bit. Just a lot faster, but nothing has changed.

Give shit away for free, like the TV model, and attract viewers and collect money from advertisers aka corporations. That is our model, and has been our model since 1994, with the main-streaming of the WWW, the internet had been around since the 1970's. The WWW was just another internet application.

Now people who work to be the next google are crazy, there is no chance. Facebook is now #1 and offers everything, to be sticky 24/7. A few people offer games on face-book like farm-house, and collect massive advertising revenue.

But in all cases its just a handful of people making money. Real money, everybody else is working for free. Investors keep dumping money with the hope of being the next FB, or GOOG, or FH, ...

I preferred the pre 1994 model where everybody made money and you only had to be there, post 2000 FREE went viral. In 1994 I thought it couldn't go long that people would work for free, ... but here we are 2011+ and now 'software' is more free and dispersed than ever. GOOG is giving out more than ever, albeit the quality is rapidly going down.

What's there for the little guy in this game? Like dunc? No much, have a shop to sell books, and put up a website and give away teasers for his books and make a few nickels, all for fun.

But 'real money'??? Oh, yeah and now there's APPLE iphone 'apps' and equiv, ... same maybe you make some nickels as if you had a paper route like a child.

Anyways it doesn't matter you got eastern-europe doing great work for almost free, and same for india, and you got the same in china. The trend is that bright young minds will continue to develop content for free, and share with the world. Those who try to sell their shit for money will be the minority. If your lucky to have a short term viral 'intellectual cabbage patch doll', you might be lucky to get a bucket of advertising dollars, ...

Even the wall-st paradigm is changing, easy money will soon be over. Doctors are being automated, now asia they have robot teachers.

'success' is survival, and dunc is a survivor, but financial success, that to me means making a lot of money, and these days means $100 Million a year or more, today even millionaire means shit, now we're counting billionaires. How do the majority of todays rich make their money? Buy stealing public property and privatizing and selling. That my friends is the model for making 'real money' today.

The era of making money by developing widgets ( technology ) or selling IP, is BEND-OVER (TM).

Anonymous said...

dunc NEVER wish for anything, ... just a few more days and I'm back in Singapore. So fucking bored of this Bend weather, ... don't ever wish dunc.

It's so pathetic here with you silent, and me a capitalist 10000X of hbm and him defending capitalism, and me bashing the ameriKKKan kleptocracy.

RDC talks of making money. HBM talks of folks not working for free. Buster talks shit. Dunc facilitates, ... Boring with all CAP's. :)

I think FABER hits the nail on the head, ... everything coming out of the USA, including the likes of opinion of folks like us is irrelevant. The USA is now morally and financial irrelevant to the world. We could all fall off a cliff tomorrow and nobody would care.

Folks like HBM want it all to come back. RDC thinks its just a matter of fine tuning the corpse. Dunc like TV ameriKKKa is just an observer. The silent majority that make up the worlds most evil kleptocracy. Silently watching their nation rob, rape, and kill the world.

I think I'm the only real survivor here, I'm Bend gone, and far from Bend. In the next decade I see civil war, and mass misery in the USA. You can't have a parasitic nation of spoon fed baby's and expect any other outcome. The USA is going down, and not a fucking thing is being done to minimize the pain of the fall.

Like marge used to say, beans, butter, and booze, and maybe a few bullets. One only has to look at the millions of folks trapped in their homes in Japan, starving for lack of food and water, while they wait for the gubmint to 'help' them.

It would only take the closing of I-5 FWY to bring the same empty shelves to Oregon. Whether it be civil unrest, or natural event, its coming and folks didn't listen to marge. My survival is to get the fuck out, and live where your surrounded by food and young women. Bend has neither. Bend in many ways is like NE Japan, cold, and dark, ...

Fuel will go up, and everything brought to Bend will cost more.

The only people I see with a survival prospect in the USA are mormons with the 2+ years of food and water on hand in every household. I always figured that out of the ashes those folks will rise up to be the real survivors and leaders. Hell they might even bring back polygamy and make the USA more like SE asia :)

One can only hope for something better down the line for the USA. 4 women for every man :) Just like the majority of the world. Where a man can have as many wives as he can afford, and if ones a bitch, he'll pick the sweet one in heat to sleep with, .. and every night has a choice. Ahhh how christianity fucked the mind of the ameriKKKan 'man'.

I think this is why ameriKKKa love SHEEN, because he's got lots of COKE & PUSSY. He's actually living the dream, while everybody else rots at home watching the TV.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"And to think I used to wish Buster would start commenting again...."

Why don't you stop publishing his incoherent spittle-dribbling tirades? He doesn't contribute anything worthwhile to the conversation.