Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Widdles.

I was telling a high school classmate that there was no bloody way I was going to my 40th reunion. He said, "Ah, Dunc. Make a scene -- by making the scene."

I thought that was really clever. I'd never heard that before, and I Googled it and couldn't find it.

Has anyone else heard this before?


I like to sneak up and pounce on my wife and cat. I rarely succeed. They always hear me coming. For one thing, my ankles crack.

"That's what happens to old tigers. Makes it hard to pounce when your ankles crack..."


To the drivers on HWY 20 to the Forum. The speed limit is 45 mph, not 35 mph.
To the drivers on Neff Rd. to the hospital. The speed limit is 35 mph, not 45 mph.



So much for the revival of nuclear energy....


So...I may actually use the east side library. I can't believe proximity makes that much difference, but apparently it does...


My sleeping habits are so regular nowadays, that Daylight Savings time really throws me. I simply can't go to bed before midnight, and my body doesn't think it's midnight until 1:00.
Eventually work hours and habits get me back into the swing, but in the meantime....

Had an hour less time before work, the paper came soaked, and I was out of sorts all day.

Poor baby.


"Charlie Sheen's Live Show Sells Out In Minutes," USA TODAY, 3/15/11.

What the hell is wrong with people?


Handed the Sometimes a Dragon manuscript to Jerad yesterday. I couldn't believe how nervous that made me. I didn't know I was nervous until I did it.

It was a typewritten manuscript. My God. You know, on a typewriter, without spell check or easy correction.

"Can't you just put it online and let me deal with there?" he asked.

"No...."I said, a little severely. "The way I work is to mark up a hardcopy and rewrite as I enter it...."



"Potassium iodide selling fast...." Bulletin, 3/16/11.

If you're really worried, don't drink milk. Ninnies....


"Real Estate Market Turns Corner" Cascades Business News.

Boy, this market has more corners than an M.C. Escher drawing.



Anonymous said...

"So much for the revival of nuclear energy...."

Nothing wrong with nuclear energy. You just shouldn't put 85 reactors on a beach that periodically gets inundated by tsunamis.

Everyone talks about how well the Japanese are prepared for earthquakes, but their site selection for nuclear reactors leaves something to be desired.

Anonymous said...

GE is quite clever to have written Japan's "channeling laws" which in effect say's to ignore the manufacturer, and blame the operator. But let's remember when you buy a new car, the manual from the factory trains the operator, and sometimes the operator can not be faulted for following directions. In this case the operators were following GE directions, "BY THE MANUAL".

In effect, its not just NUKE that's fucked here, its the USA GOVERNMENT and GE "Brings the Good Things to LIFE", virtually ALL nuke bombs and anything NUKE comes out of GE. GE is OBAMA's poster boy. This all ain't good for GE or USA, and what's good for GE is good for USA.

Now probably a 1/2 dozen reactors already have melted down, and certainly the plume is already headed to TOKYO, thereby wiping out the world financial capital for a long-time. This is the black-swan folks. Weeks & Weeks of radioactive clouds going to random directions for weeks to come, everybody will be fucked from Russia, to China, to Korea, ... Everybody will be shifting population.

All of NE japan will now be un-inhabitable. For a long time. This will effect the OREGON economy BIG-TIME.

Lastly, no matter what they say, Japan MUST sell its TRILLION dollars of USA debt, so that it can buy food to feed its starving homeless people.

What's safe? Too many nut-cases hawking gold, oil will continue to rise. Home prices will continue to fall. What people need will go up in price, what people don't need will collapse in price.

The only thing I can really say about 'nuclear energy' is that most of the stuff that pollyanna's said is/was true, and most of the paid HO Lobbyist's were wrong, but so what the HO's got paid and are retired, and pollyanna is un-employed.

Anonymous said...

"Charlie Sheen's Live Show Sells Out In Minutes," USA TODAY, 3/15/11.

What the hell is wrong with people?


I'll just say 2 words dunc ... HO's & COKE. What ameriKKKa loves.

Charlie is the guy with unlimited coke, and unlimited access to PORN star's. ameriKKKa loves this shit.

This is exactly the relevance to your book subject, the fact is that ONLY 0.0001% of living folk are cerebral enough or care to read sci-fi books or fantasy. The Majority of USA citizens are obsessed with genitalia&drugs. Charlie rep's the ultimate LOTTO boy having made $2M a week, he was able to buy unlimited coke&ho's. Honestly coke&ho's both represent the lazy man/womans road to escapism, not unlike your 'books'. I think coke represents the easiest path to lazy enlightenment aka entertainment.

I guess is this is the essential issue I have with your 'literature' is that it is escapism and enterntainment, not unlike obsession with porn-star's or drug-users. Look at the 'hamsters' in Bend running in their cage for entertainment, which requires lots of effort to get the endorphins. Escapist LIT just costs less than HO's & Drug's.

Dunc don't be Jealous.

Anonymous said...

Human's are really fucked.

May the slickest 'grifting' monkey out last the others.

Anonymous said...

FMA-'FINANCIAL MARTIAL LAW', ... well boyz its here something I long told you all was coming, and it will probably come to a city near you ... "FMA', not really different from good old fashion 'martial law' ( fascism ), ... here they only want your money, not your freedom. Seizing 'private' assets without court order is not long to follow, ... it never is....

Michigan bill would impose "financial martial law"

Michigan lawmakers are on the verge of approving a bill that would enable the governor to appoint "emergency managers" -- officials with unilateral power to make sweeping changes to cities facing financial troubles.

Under the legislation, the Michigan Messenger reports, the governor could declare a "financial emergency" in towns or school districts. He could then appoint a manager to fire local elected officials, break contracts, seize and sell assets, eliminate services - and even eliminate whole cities or school districts without any public input.

The measure passed in the state Senate this week; the House passed its own version earlier. The two versions of the bill are expected to be reconciled next week, and Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has said he will sign the bill the bill into law.

Democrats and their allies are decrying the legislation as a power grab and say it's part of a wider effort taking place in several states, such as Wisconsin, to weaken labor unions.