Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Local crashes.

Linda and I were watching The Good Wife last night (the best show on T.V., even counting cable), and one of the plot developments is that the 'bad' husband, who is running for district attorney again despite his scandalous past, finds dirt on one of his opponents and forces him out of the race.

The final scene is the opponent giving the reasons for quitting as being -- family come first, blah, blah, blah.

"I can never listen to how people quit anymore without being skeptical," I said. "Whenever they say "family" or "business opportunities" or "health."

"Well, some people really do have health problems," Linda said.

"Everyone has health issues. But, yeah, what if your real reason for quitting is family, health or opportunities? No one will believe you, anymore..."

Same thing goes for business. I always believe people quit for lack of money, bottomline. Unless they're retiring. Even burnout or stress circles back to money. But hardly anyone gives not making money as a reason. They'll say something about losing their "lease": which is a lot like saying someone died because their heart stopped.

Anyway, I woke this morning to announcement that the "controversial CEO of Bend Memorial Cline, resigned..."" pursue other opportunities..." Bulletin, 3/2/11.

As a native Bendite, it's been kind of sad to watch both BMC and St. Charles become so distantly corporate in business structure.

Meanwhile, the accused rapist has some "defenders" in the Bulletin article this morning. But, frankly, the defense just makes him sound worse. In fact, the whole thing makes him sound like an out of control, pill popping, skirt chasing ,high living, boundary invading, egomaniac into rough sex. At the very least, he has one of the flakiest histories I've ever heard. How many places has this guy lived? Is he a doctor, or isn't he? Does Bend attract these guys?

Oh, well. Innocent until proven guilty, I guess. But if he's innocent, he's still a bounder and a cad.


Anonymous said...

Does Bend attract these guys?

Bend is a town of Grifters.

Grifters by definition are womanizers and manipulators. Smooth talking out of town folk, and the old locals just suck it up.

BMC sucks bad, ... went in there a few years ago, waited 10 hours to see a doctor, just wanted a prescription filled. What's the point? Didn't even feel like a customer, felt more like cattle. Worst customer service on the planet. Better service at African clinics in Kenya. Why do USA people put up with this shit, and for the highest prices in the world to boot.
My opinion is the doc's who come to Bend are narcissists these guys love to jog and run, and do knee surgery's but their vain, and have little interest in patients other than big ticket items.

ST Charles is recognized as the leader of non-essential surgery in North America, and has had that distinction for over 20 years.

Bend a town of Grifters, all fucking each other physically and economically.

Duncan McGeary said...

Speaking of district attorneys, it seems like a dubious idea to sue the local paper over a "leak" that is about your own hiring practices...

This reminds me of the Larry Patterson situation where Bend got rid of a perfectly good city manager and then spent years trying to replace him with someone as good.

We got rid of a perfectly good district attorney -- because we're all so mad at government, I guess.

Duncan McGeary said...

..."out of control, pill popping, skirt chasing ,high living, boundary invading, egomaniac into rough sex."

"...he's still a bounder and a cad."

But, you know, other than that, he's appears to be relatively young, wealthy and presentable.

So, by all means, line up ladies.

Make sure you have a good "safe" word...


H. Bruce Miller said...

After being a patient at BMC for more than 23 years, I gave up on it about two years ago and found another internist. It seemed that the bottom line had become everything, that physicians had little time for patients, that they were shuffled through as quickly as possible to extract the maximum number of dollars per physician-hour possible.

Just my impressions, of course.

But I'm glad to see the CEO go. IMHO a medical practice should not have a CEO at all -- and if it must have one, he/she should be a physician, not some twit with an MBA.