Friday, March 18, 2011

Lessons from blogging for fiction writing.

Speak directly but casually to the reader. Don't try so hard. Just be natural.

Break it up, man. The long paragraphs and chapters are too much work for the casual reader. You can do without so many comma's.

Anything goes, unless it doesn't. Brainstorm anything and everything. You can always weed it out later. (This is true for me, because I tend to underwrite the first draft, if anything.)

Try to put some background thought into the story before you write it. I tend to just write out the story, and worry about the historical underpinning later. With the blog, I'll mull and contemplate an issue for some time, even nesting it in the "drafts" for days or weeks, before I'll go ahead an push the "publish post." Except, you know ---- for when I don't do that....

A little bit at a time really adds up. But only if you do it. 4 years, 4 months of blogging.

You can't always tell in the course of writing whether its good or really good, bad or really bad. Or just meh. The readers always surprise me. So write the damn thing and come back later.

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