Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making a federal case of it...

Unless there is more to our D.A.'s case than has so far been revealed, it mostly seems unnecessary and distracting.

The last few weeks of murdered, run over, and disappearing people has certainly pointed to what seems like an escalation of stress around here. The financial consequences may be catching up to people right about now. Housing prices are still dropping around here, which probably surprises everyone but the bubble bloggers, and it's getting beyond the dire level even some of us predicted.

And the D.A. is off on some wild goose chase.

Something I've noticed about Bend voters -- and maybe it's true everywhere -- but we tend to throw out of office perfectly good competent public 'servant's' and often replace them with less so.

You never know, I guess. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it?

Oh, sure. Every city manager, D.A., or politician accumulates enemies -- they can't please everyone. Friends come and go. So it's probably inevitable. And probably necessary when our public servants get a little too ensconced.

Still, sometimes its best NOT to make too many changes when the world is quickly changing around you. We seem to want to fire experienced city managers and D.A.'s when we need the experience the most.


Anonymous said...

comment about Libya. So I'll just say this ...

1.) Libya has the cleanest and best oil in the world. Lowest natural sulfur content. AmeriKKKa's stealth fighters need Libyan Crude, like Bend Vultures need corpses. Like Bend banker HO's love fraud. Like Bend cops crave drake-park geese shit.

2.) OREO-OBAMA just approved a TRILLION dollars worth of new spy-planes aka Lockheed-Martin. A big part of his trip to SO-AMERICA is to get them to order some and the Austrailian gub is being pushed.

These new spy-bombers allow the USA to fly anywhere in the world un-detected and drop bombs, they fly at twice the speed of sound. Where the past century was battleships and aircraft carriers, this ameriKKKan century will be spy-plane-bombers. What's interesting is that the new TRILLION dollar budget means that the USA will have 20X more bombers than CHINA, and 18X more than RUSSIAN. Once again proving that the USA can kill everyone in the world 10X+ anytime they wish,...

Anonymous said...

Dunc this area is all about incest and nepotism.

No matter what you suggest the toilet must be flushed on all public servants in Bend.

There's NEW BLOOD in this town, but too often all of city-hall, county, and tri-county is good all boyz and girls all with the same common blood.

No revolution is clean, ...

Regarding things going from clean to dirty, lets remember every person who runs for public office by definition is a miscreant.

The way I see it is the BULL&SORE would NEVER diss the good old boyz&girlz, but then with the new they can because they don't fear. This is WHY you see an elevated noise level.

Just like HOLLERN & MOSS, you'll never see the status quo diss them in public, because they're GOD.

Anonymous said...


How about detroit prices, you can now find first-class shit +2k sq-ft all granite on your east side sub $100k.

It's quite funny to see shit in Bend fall from $500sq-ft to less than $50sq-ft, ...

How low is low?

I always said 4X, which the basis then was $160k at $40k median house-hold. Now I think the house-hold will go to $20k at best.

There is GOOD word out there I'm hearing from all my bud's that have money. Is that now kids that make sub $10/hr are buying houses, now that you can buy a great west-side or east-side home sub $100k, young kids are buying a home for first time for less than you can rent,

This is good!!!!!! :)

Its the so called middle-class that moved from CALI to BEND and spent $750k for a crap-shack that now will not sell for even $160k, ... its 20k of those people in BEND who are fucked. These are the people who are killing and suicidal, ... These be middle-age folk.

That said also my street is still folks +90% with houses paid, and paid on average pre 1980's for $30k, and retired. Like I have always said, its not likely to go below MEDIAN of $30k, so most of us old-timers pre 1980's will NOT see a real paper loss on our homes.

It's only the newbie sold the fucking DREAM who are FUCKED, BEND-FUCKED(tm).

I think what I see is the children of my old timer friends are now buying nice homes for under $100k, and this makes their parents happy. To see their kids now have a home. There are jobs in Bend if you work for under $10/hr, and with two folks thats around $30k/year, so buying a house is a sweet 3X income. Which is just about right, because while 4X is historical it is on the high side.

DIRE? Only for those who came to Bend to fuck other people. Those who came to Bend to hike, and ski, and raise a family and keep things simple and low profile are doing just fine. Those with astronomic debt and JUMBO-LOANS are BEND-FUCKED(tm).

H. Bruce Miller said...

"we tend to throw out of office perfectly good competent public 'servant's' and often replace them with less so."

Ditto that, Dunc.

I can't believe Deschutes County voters kicked Mike Dugan out because HIS WIFE supported Measures 66 & 67. WTF did that have to do with his own competence or performance as DA?

I had my issues with Dugan -- I thought he tended to over-charge and sometimes be overzealous -- but on the whole I believe he did a good job for many years.

Anonymous said...

In interesting theory on 'why now did OREO bomb Libya', is that this week Germany has released the Mai-Lai mascare photo's of USA troops mouth fucking headless Afghan corpses, this shit would be ALL over the news had OREO not bombed Libya NOW!


Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- The German news outlet Der Spiegel has published photographs of what appear to be two U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan posing over the bodies of dead Afghans -- images which threaten to further complicate the American military effort there.
Two images show the soldiers kneeling by a bloody body sprawled over a patch of sand and grass. A third shows what appears to be two bodies propped up, back to back, against a post in front of a military vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Come on HBM, NO BODY should have a career in PUBLIC-SERVICE, NOBODY.

Of course the newbies will never be as 'competent' as the INBRED old-boyz, by definition.

Fear of the 'competent' public-service, is exactly the fear of a 'true libertarian'. We don't fear the in-competent by definition. Me always thinks that HBM is the typical 4th estate urnalist of the dying USA empire. Where the urnalist kisses ass of public, and then gets a public job, aka Kiesling of willy-week in pdx, got the sec-of-state job, after kissing salem arse many years. Most of what's in oregon politics is old-time brown nosing urnalists, such as yourself.

Then of course the Urnalists forms and shapes the debate, and tells us who is competent. The Urnalist HATES term-limits for the same reason as a career poly-tickian.

Why would dunc even care if the fuck-heads in city-hall are competent. Virtually 99% of the DA's job is political, incarcerate the weak, and protect the rich. Enable the gendarme ( cop-shop ), and create an illusion of 'public-safety' which these days is as useful as national security.

A competent poly-tickian or a competent city-hall brown noser, no thanks I'll take the meek rubber-stamper any day. It's always funny to see the those so called 'liberals' of Bend promote the myth that they want good NAZI poly-tickians who can make the trains run on time.

LIBERALS of Bend such as HBM or Dunc should NEVER wish for this thing, they just might get such a government as libertarian I would prefer a key-stone cop city-hall that I not fear.

Anonymous said...

here's a good one a few weeks ago we were debating on why nick-cage movies suck so bad, ... now we know why, he's going through foreclosure on his house and ain't got no money, ... so there you go, ... he's making shitty movies cuz he's BEND-FUCKED(tm)


How does Nicolas Cage get behind on his mortgage payments? The same way other rich and famous people do.


Anonymous said...

Duncan, you seriously should stop allowing this dipshit's comments. They weren't entertaining or accurate when he had his own blog, and they're not now.

Now they're cluttering up your blog and making it less attractive, at least to me. I don't want to scroll through this garbage to find the substantive comments.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 12:08 — Nah. It's easy to scroll past them. They're so recognizable.

The dude's gotta vent or he'll just go POP!

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Duncan, you seriously should stop allowing this dipshit's comments. They weren't entertaining or accurate when he had his own blog, and they're not now."

Ditto that.

"The dude's gotta vent or he'll just go POP!"

So let 'im pop.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, this scrolling is driving me nuts, I can't take any more scrolling.

Anonymous said...

Dunc, yours and Buster's are the only ones that keep me around. Don't cave to the censors.

Anonymous said...

"Duncan, you seriously should stop allowing this dipshit's comments. "

And the alternative is NO COMMENTS?! Do you like that? I don't.

I read this blog for Buster as much as Duncan, bless his heart.