Thursday, March 3, 2011

How low will it go.

Barnes and Noble stock has been in free fall for days. I watch in horrid fascination. Stupid me.


Occasionally, I get a European art book that puts actual, gasp! -- breasts -- on the cover of the book. American artbooks have the same bits inside, but not on the cover.

People are titillated by tits.

I put little paper pasties on over the offending protuberances ; but I swear, everytime I look, the same cover is askew because someone has pulled the book out of the sleeve. I pay no attention to adults looking through art books -- I figure they're adults. But I suspect there would less interest in the pearly pairs if they were actually exposed.

Really people? You haven't seen fun muffins before? Like on cable T.V. and Maxim magazine and...oh, just about any R rated movie?

Cameron's comment: he thinks we should put pasties (sticky notes) on women who are actually clothed.


$130 an hour. That's what the city council is paying the "real estate consultant" for Juniper Ridge. A total of 100K.

That's a drop in the bucket to the 18 million they've spent trying to develop that white elephant.

There is no chance that their projected sales are going to happen.

I always think it necessary to point out that when they try to show success by the sales to Les Schwab, Suterra and PacifiCorp. -- that all three of these business already resided in Central Oregon -- so we pulled them away from making money for some other landlord and paying taxes and dropped them into the subsidized abyss of Juniper Ridge.

Time to put this boondoggle into mothballs and assign a city employee to monitor interest in the land.


Was watching the History Detectives. What's with that show? They seem to be able to produce a new segment about every six months or so, and everything else is reruns.

And the way they 'discover' things is so patently phony that it's distracting.

Anyway, they had a thing on Coca Cola, where they showed an ad that called Coke a "brain tonic."

That's it. From now, I'm calling any soda "brain tonic."


Anonymous said...

1. Barnes & Noble, Inc. (BKS): Specialty Retail, Other Industry. Market cap of $806.48M. The stock is currently -23.52% below its 20-day MA, -20.23% below its 50-day MA, and -16.63% below its 200-day MA. TTM Asset Turnover 1.76 vs. industry average at 1.78. TTM Inventory Turnover 3.16 vs. industry average at 4.26. TTM Receivables Turnover 36.59 vs. industry average at 67.18. Short float at 29.28%, which implies a short ratio of 12.01 days. The stock has lost -28.28% over the last year.


One of the worst stocks on Nasdaq. Maybe its a management problem?, and not a book problem. How much are you going to buy dunc? Maybe you should buy some CACB?

I think CACB is the buy of the year right now. It can be had for $9, and it has a book value of $3.

Go dunc go, buy today before its all gone.

Duncan McGeary said...

Oh sure, rub it in.

Anonymous said...

Ok, sorry, but heed my words, ... never by stock. The customers never have any yachts.

Your best investment is always yourself, of course at your age your best investment is your offspring.