Monday, March 7, 2011

Bookstores opening and closing.

POSTSCRIPT: I've decided not to do this. Unlike downtown Bend where I can see with my own two eyes who's opening and closing, this seems too muddy. Too many variations -- movings, consolidatings, expandings, changings, etc. to be clear cut.

It seems like just about every week, a bookstore is closing, according to the website, Shelf Awareness.

Then again, just about every week, a bookstore is opening.

I'm very tempted to start up a list of Openings and Closings for Bookstores, since no one else seems to be doing it. Only this time, a national list.

Of course, I don't think Shelf Awareness is making any pretense about being a complete accounting; there are probably stores opening and closing under their radar. Still -- it might be revealing.

I'm going to go ahead and start the list, and then post it at the beginning of every month; starting with March, 2011 entries.

I'm leaving the above as a permanent introduction:


Heirloom Book Company, Charleston, SC, 3/4/11.


Emerson and Cook Book Company, Old Saybrook, Connecticut, 3/7/11. (38 years).

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Anonymous said...

We're already seeing the demise of the DVD.

Try renting a DVD on the beautiful side of the river.

Funny that the only DVD shop's are on the putrid side of I97.


Books & Movies are same-same these day's they're commodities that must be generated monthly by an author in robo-mode. Like Steven King years ago cranking out titles monthly. Same for movies same for books, no wonder the excitement is gone. Mercantilism has all but destroyed the Tolstoy or equiv. Even our dunc is fond of trash literature, aka sci-fi, or comic-lit.
Someday there will be a Tolstoy, and he'll probably self publish, or maybe publish on the web, just to trickle a little cash-flow for living, like most 'artists' what they really need is only a patron to supply food&shelter.
The mercantilists like dunc, have all but destroyed books&movies, so little wonder the public is bored, and there is death around all these business ventures. It's game-over for robotic generation of books&movies. It's too fucking boring, the passion of the artist has been replaced by the heart of the money-changer.