Monday, March 14, 2011

First step toward reality.

Besides, you know, actually finishing Sometimes A Dragon.

Here we go!

Jared has posted the following:

Hi All,

My name is Jared Folkins and I represent author Duncan McGeary. We will be releasing his next book, Sometimes A Dragon on a customized/stylized blog over the period of 6-9 months posting one or two chapters a week. This book will later be released on all major eBook platforms as a .99 cent download.

We are looking at purchasing art for the blog, and then using one of the pieces for the cover art. Ideally, we would purchase piece(s) of existing art from whomever we select from the talent pool this post generates.

If you are interested, here are the requirements.


1) Post a link to your current work.
2) You must own the rights to any work submitted
3) You must be willing to sell rights for both physical and digital publication


1) Cash [transferred via paypal]
2) Use the book or blog in your portfolio
3) Your name will be featured in the "thank you" section of the book
4) Brag at your local RPG meetup that you did art for a sweet fantasy novel, the GM will be impressed and will then reward you with some sweet D&D *swag* for your character (<== total speculation)

Anyway, we are trying to be fair about the art buying process and the rate of pay, but we are also just two independents. Please keep in mind, should things go well, we will keep the list current and look at purchasing further art for Duncan's next release The Devil Tree.

Thanks for your time.


Responses thus far -


gunbaby said...

Okay, here goes. All the work on the site is mine. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Thanks.

gunbaby said...

I should probably mention that copyright to some of the art on the site is held by the various companies and individuals who commissioned the work. It should be fairly obvious, and noted where applicable.