Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Best Zero Wage Job a Middle Aged Guy Ever Had."

Notice I'm not talking about my Barnes and Noble stock?


I noticed some folks are getting annoyed by all my book related postings.

Hey, some people don't like my business blogs.

Some don't like my Bend Bubble blogs.

Some don't like my personal blogs.

I figure they get the gist right away, and move on....

Buster (I think) accuses me of writing for Ego not Money. But I write for Ego AND the hope of anyone else.

OHGD suggests I change the name of the blog to: "best zero wage job a middle aged guy ever had", which is clever and maybe true, but no writer is paid until a writer is paid and if that stops him from writing he'll never be paid.


It might be time to take my three published books, Star Axe, Snowcastles and Icetowers back in hand. There are a lot of bit torrented pirate issues out there.

Anyway, if I do, it would also be time to combine Snowcastles and Icetowers (Snowtowers?) since they naturally make one larger book. And rebrand them as heroic fantasy.

The publisher, Tower Books, was looking for Sword and Sorcery, and that's how they branded it, with the barbarian on the cover. I didn't mind too much, because I LIKE Sword and Sorcery, and the cover art was great.

But, really, the book was written for the 14 year old, Lord of the Rings obsessed, Duncan McGeary, who at the time he was that age couldn't find a heroic fantasy to like.

(Unfairest criticism in a review: the word "STAR" because of Star Wars. I had the title in hand years before the movie, dammit.)


I'm beginning to realize how much time and work it will be to type the Sometimes a Dragon and The Devil Tree online. But if I think of it as One Chapter per Week, it shouldn't be hard. And I know myself -- once I get started, I probably won't be able to stop.

Hard to imagine doing these on a typewriter, but that was the way of the world....


Was telling friend Damian about my plans, and he started showing me a multitude of sites that are doing what I'm talking about, and well beyond....

So I'm behind all those folks.

Then again, I'm ahead of all the folks who haven't started doing it. (Much less all the people who haven't finished a book at all....)

A separate book?

Interesting thing happening on the way to finishing Sometimes a Dragon.

Tales of Pox is starting to turn into a book.

I have the six chapters that originally prefaced the Tenly and Toller story. I had a seventh chapter that I wrote later, but hadn't included.

I have at least two other chapters I'd like to write.

1.) Mother Patch and the Old Man meeting, the Orsage flower, and his discovery of the Master's name and journey to the Silent Cathedral.

2.) Armazn's meeting the Purple Lady, falling in love, and them vowing to bring an end to the Eclipse.

So, suddenly, there are nine separate chapters, or probably 80 pages or more. I can easily see where more can be added at any time.

If Sometimes a Dragon was ever published, Tales of Pox would be a middle book. A Dune Messiah, if you will. A little short, a little odd, a sidetrack, but valid in it's own right.

I have a standard sort of sci-fi fantasy in mind for the first book. (The kid (The Master) seeing a unicorn, story....)

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OHDG said...

I don't mind reading about your book, but I still would rather see more of your original posts. Perhaps you have enough material for a separate blog on your book and writing?