Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drive Angry -- or not.

Went to see Drive Angry.

I'm telling people that I have to see "All Nic Cage movies!" which isn't strictly true, but seems to be true lately.

It lived up -- or down -- to my expectations.

No, really. It was fun. Hot cars and hot women. Exploding cars and exploding women. What more could you want? Trash of a high order.

The 3-D was effective -- I actually jumped in my seat at one object coming toward me, which has never happened before.

Review, sme-views.


I can't tell if I'm really smart to buy Barnes and Noble stock or really dumb.

I bought the stock, and it immediately shot up 15%. O.K., I thought to myself, I'll sell when it hits 20% (not that I probably would've...) Then it lost the 15% gain, and dropped another 20% and it's still dropping.

I think that makes me dumb.


Always interesting to read articles about how frugal people are getting.

The behavior they describe is what I've been doing all along.

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.



Anonymous said...

USA has a long way to go, before I want to hear about 'waste' being out of vogue.
Most wasteful nation on earth.
Frugality in the USA? Consumption is king, and is what keeps the gubmint in biz. The ultimate oxymoron, if the gubmint prints a frugality list, its the ultimate hit-list, un-american activity it is to be frugal.

Nick Cage ain't what he used to be, but then we aren't either :)

H. Bruce Miller said...

Cage held the promise of being a fine actor once, but now he makes nothing but idiotic shoot-em-up, blow-em-up movies. See one, seen 'em all.

WTF, it's living, right? Gotta buy gas for the Lamborghini.

Anonymous said...



Dunc, if you want to know what Sheen really did to piss of the MSM ( main-stream-media ), watch the above. In this video Sheen has a long chat with Obama. Within days of release of this video Sheen was Bend-Over(tm). Crazy shit for crazy times. Why would the highest-paid 'actor' on TV accuse the USA president of crimes? WHY? Why would a man that has it all toss it away? Yes, most AmeriKKKan's like dunc would call this crazy. But I think its essential to ask why. To understand I think you need to go back to this kid's father, who also is/was obsessed with conspiracy, but then so is Mel Gibson, ...
Personally what I think is happening today is that the #1 billings in HOLLYWOOD are no longer JEWISH, yes HOLLYWOOD is still owned by JEWISH interests. From Gibson to Sheen, to the whole bunch of brats they're starting to challenge the owners of the plantation aka hollywood.
Crazy? I guess if all you love is money then its crazy. But the fact is something is terribly wrong with the USA. In a perfect AmeriKKKan world, plenty of woman, and drugs and this boy should remain silent. But it shows you that the human spirit needs more than booze&broads, thus Sheen has passion for a cause.

Anonymous said...

These guys are all on contracts. They got to make these movies or they get sued.

I think all interests in HOLLYWOOD are bored. The fact is money is ONLY important when you don't have it, the average ameriKKKan has no idea of how bored these 'child stars' really are.

Notice too these days its the child stars like 'cage' who are really the most depressing to watch.

Yes, Raising-Arizona was Cage at his best, ... now he's just a hollow shell. Me wonders why dunc wastes his money.

Anonymous said...

Dunc started this obsession with Sheen, but I would like to step back and ask what is about these times that makes these 'rich men' like Sheen beholden to the likes of AlexJones, or Limbaugh, or ArtBell? What makes these 'actors' who only spout lines written by 'jewish-masters'? I think in a way Sheen is an AlexJones and would love to not have to read lines, written by other men. I think most of these men see the power in blaming the USA government for all our problems ( 911 truthers ). It's one of the problems when you have men who are rich and bored. HL-MENCKEN wrote about this a lot in his times.
Maybe even we're seeing a return to times like the great-depression when great iconoclasts will return??

Anonymous said...

Housing market needs more time to recover-Geithner
Reuters - Corbett B. Daly, Chizu Nomiyama - ‎1 hour ago‎
WASHINGTON, March 1 (Reuters) - The battered US housing market still needs time to recover as affordable housing prices are up against headwinds of high unemployment, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Tuesday.
Who could have guessed? Who could have guessed that USA RE isn't coming back anytime soon?
Excess capacity for years to come. Like we all said back in 2007, the only solution is mass US government incineration on a massive scale, to remove all excess housing.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"These guys are all on contracts. They got to make these movies or they get sued."

I don't believe that's true anymore. That was the old studio system. The stars have a lot more autonomy these days.

I think Cage is just making crap movies because he gets paid a shit-ton of money to make them.

But I could be wrong.

"Yes, Raising-Arizona was Cage at his best"

I thought he also was fine in "Moonstruck" and "Leaving Las Vegas." Since then, nothing worth the price of admission.

Anonymous said...

They still have contracts HBM, this is why they just cranking out the movies. This is why guys like EASTWOOD have gone solo to be their own producer, or Tom Hanks, ... note he hasn't made many bad or either has Eastwood. But most of these 'child actors' they just cranking out shit. What I mean by 'child actor' is that most of these kids all come from famous parents, its all they know. I wonder how many of these kids will keep their kids in this industry?? That said I think the industry will change, given the USA's position in the the world, I think that movies coming from HOLLYWOOD will more&more become irrelevant to global entertainment.
Largely what's happening today is you have the BIG FOUR TV channel outfits with their terrible content, and they bring in famous names like Sheen, who of course is a spoiled brat, ... I think most of these kids were raised at home with a steady diet of "JEWS RUN HOLLYWOOD", what was unspeakable for their parents, is NOT un-speakable for the offspring. Unspeakable for the McCarthy 1950's "stars" to speak-up, ... today I think the kids are speaking up, albeit not necessarily for good, but they are speaking up and this is causing conniptions in Hollywood. Sheen is rather smart, and unwilling to be called an 'anti-semite' by the faceless folks of Hollywood.
Cage is forced to perform this shit, ... I'm really quite surprised he hasn't done what Hanks or Eastwood did, maybe he's too lazy or isn't an entrepreneur?
Oh well thank god TV is finished, free TV that is, ... maybe its time that Hollywood not be payed like Wall Street bankers.

Duncan McGeary said...

I think Cage has money troubles -- an accountant ran off or tax problems or something....

H. Bruce Miller said...

"I think most of these kids were raised at home with a steady diet of "JEWS RUN HOLLYWOOD"

You're not Mel Gibson by any chance, are you?

"Cage is forced to perform this shit"

At $20 million (estimated) per piece of shit, I'm not going to shed many tears for him.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"maybe its time that Hollywood not be payed like Wall Street bankers."

At least Hollywood produces something (entertainment) for the money. The Wall Street banksters don't produce anything, as far as I can discern. They're fucking parasites.

Anonymous said...


Pleeeeze the bankseters are OUR only source of entertainment, sheeet my best cock sucking cums from geithner, and bankrunpt, I mean bergstran, I mean bernanke,

OREO couldn't have done any better than putting the BUSH GS men in charge of his admin ...
It's pure entertainment for alll

Anonymous said...


These days they're called "long term talent contracts', but I'll just call them contracts. It means that 'manufactured' star's are obligated to generate 'X' movies during the talent-contract.

A more interesting avenue is modern motion picture economics. The view is movie quality is un-important. Like dunc here a certain number of zombies will attend a new movie whether good or bad, so long as it has CAGE or PITT, ... or KLOONEY, or DeCaprio. It doesn't matter if a movie is good or bad, people will go see the movie or rent the DVD either way. Thus is the new economics.

I really think that now 'good' movie is so much about going VIRAL, like 'broke back mountain', or 'blair witch project', nobody ever thought these movies as anything, blair went viral in a unique way, and BrokeBack, which was a vertical market queer movie went mainstream by happen-stance.

Jackson made LOR and it made money, then he made KingKong an it was a flop, ... I think these days its all about making as many movies as possible, and hope that some 'shit' sticks to the wall.

I know years ago when I did shit for INTEL that they had 100's of incubator outfits ( startups ) within the company, and nobody gave a rat's arse who or what succeeded, all were given a chance, .e.g. throw shit on the wall, and the ones that stuck were allowed to run, and those that didn't stick died a quick death. The fact in movies is even more hard, because the public is so fickle. Like Sweeney Todd a few years ago, was it horror or musical? They really never got the positioning right, even though the movie had a great cast and story. It didn't appeal to anybody, the thrasher crowd or the musical crowd.
Nobody really knows what movie-shit will stick, why the fuck that BrokeBack stuck when it did? I think personally a lot of people, a critical mass just wanted to know about man-man love, sort of a right place right time, and of course Ledger went prime.
I think Warhol said it best about Hollywood, "Acting is what beautiful people do when they're not fornicating". The masses seem to enjoy watching the beautiful people fornicating or not.

Anonymous said...

Obama is Great
March 2, 2011 NYTimes
KABUL, Afghanistan — Nine young boys collecting firewood to heat their homes in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan were killed by gunners in 'NATO' (USA) helicopters who mistook them for insurgents, according to a statement issued Wednesday by General Petraeus, having apologized for the mistake.

The attack on the boys, who ranged in age from 9 to 15, happened on Tuesday and amounted to one of the worst cases of mistaken killings of children by foreign-led forces in the Afghanistan war. The victims included two sets of brothers. A tenth boy in the group survived.

The NATO statement, which included an unusual personal apology by the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, Gen. David H. Petraeus, said the boys had been misidentified as the attackers of a NATO base earlier in the day. But news of the attack on the boys enraged Afghans.

“The weather is very cold now so my mother told me to go with the other village boys and collect firewood,” said Hemad, 11, who like many Afghans has only one name, and was the only survivor of the attack.

General Petraeus pledged to investigate the incident and take disciplinary action if appropriate.

“We are deeply sorry for this tragedy and apologize to the members of the Afghan government, the people of Afghanistan and most importantly, the surviving family members of those killed by our actions,” said General Petraeus. “These deaths should have never happened,” he said.

It was the third incident in 10 days in which the Afghan government has accused NATO of killing civilians. One of those incidents has been strongly disputed by NATO, but another, the killing of an Afghan army soldier and his family in Nangahar Province on Feb. 20, was also described as an accident.

The villagers hearing the firing up in the mountain worried when their children did not return home and went up into the mountains to look for them—the boys had been out since morning, local people said.

“As soon as we heard about the attack on the village’s children, all the village men rushed to the mountains to find out what really happened,” said Ashabuddin, a shopkeeper from Manogai, a nearby village, whose nephew was among those who had gone to pick up firewood.

“Finally we found the dead bodies. Some of the dead bodies were really badly chopped up by the Rockets. The head of a child was missing. Others were with missing limbs.”

“We tried to find the body pieces and put them together. As it was getting late, we brought down the bodies in a rope bed. We buried them in the village’s cemetery. The children were all from poor families otherwise no one would send their sons up to the mountains despite the known threats from both insurgents and Americans.”

His nephew’ s name was Khalid and he was 14 and the only male in the family, he said. “He was studying in sixth grade of the orphanage school and working because his father died four years ago due to a long -term sickness. His father was a day labor. He has 13 sisters and two mothers. He was the sole bread winner of the family. I don’t know what would happen to his family to his sisters and mothers. They are all female and poor.”

President Hamid Karzai, who was in London for an official visit, condemned the attack “in the strongest terms possible.”

Calling it a “ruthless” he questioned whether Western war aims of combating terrorism and securing Afghanistan could be achieved if noncombatants continued to die.

People in Naglam were outraged by the incident. They held a demonstration Wednesday where more than two hundred people gathered, according to eyewitnesses. Waving white flags they shouted “Death, Death to America” and “Death to Obama and his colleagues and associates.”

Duncan McGeary said...