Monday, November 21, 2011

Who could've predicted?

Yes the local OSU has a faster pace of growth. But they had a much lower starting point, which makes the growth more dramatic than it appears.

"Local OSU Sets Pace In Growth." Bulletin, 11/21/11.

I also suspect that it has gotten a real boost from the economic malaise around here. When in doubt, go back to school.

If I remember correctly, there was a few years in the middle of the boom when they weren't getting enough students, and the state was thinking of shutting it down.

I'm glad they are managing to build this institution in an atmosphere of cuts.

Such an approach to growth would have been handy with Juniper Ridge, the bus system, and the water system.

Doing what's possible, instead of building a huge new campus.

Someday, when it's time, they may have a new campus, and that will be good too.


Financial guy, Bill Valentine, gets props for predicting the housing bubble in March of 2006.

"Real Estate Contrarian Buys Back In." Bulletin, 11/21/11.

I think that was about the time that a lot of us bubble bloggers started speaking up about the bubble. (I started my blog in November, 2006, after reading Bend Economy Man, and Bend Bubble I and II for several months.)

After years of doubts -- I can remember wondering earlier in the decade where all these new people were coming from and where they were working-- I think it had become so obvious to some of us by 2006 that we began stating our doubts out loud.

Which is why is still bugs me when people running for office in the town, and so-called 'experts', are quoted in the paper as saying, "There was no way we could have foreseen the crash."

Stuff and nonsense.

I was also alarmed at the time by the crazy building of commercial property here in Bend. I think the powers that be have managed that crash under the radar mostly, but it's still hanging out there.


Anonymous said...

My only comment is ...

"Where is the money coming from?"

The austerity is coming, with the super-comm going to default as planned the $600B for entitle and MIL must now happen, and it will ripple austerity ... through the system.

Much of the state, and all edoooooooction is dependent upon FED dollar.

All this BULL is a load of shit.

Anonymous said...
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Duncan McGeary said...

Can you rephrase that as less of a personal attack?

The Valentine comment?

Anonymous said...

The next lame duck congress will undo any of the automatic trigger deficit cutting. The chicken hawks won't let the military be cut and the libs won't let the social programs be cut. Only until the US can't sell its debt will their be real cuts.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh dunc, I didn't know it was a crime to compare Valentine to Kuratek, in my mind BULL's of a feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

I really disagree, I understand but I really think this is the plan, everybody knows entitlements and MIL has to be cut, but nobody has the ball's, so what they did is put in this golden-knife, and now there is NO blame,

Sure the MIL will bitch, but here's something to think about with regards to MIL, the BUDGET is a fucking joke, you think the NSA has a budget?

You saw last year how the FED-RES passed $16 trillon out the back door to the banks off the books, you think they will not do that for the MIL?

You yourself said what I say all the time, the game will be played so long as people buy the debt.

I'll phrase it another way, the DEBT will be purchased so long as the US MILITARY holds the gun-nuke to the worlds head to take dollars, for oil, drugs, and blood. Now does anybody NOT think that this symbiotic relationship will end between the symbolic power of the US-MIL and sanctity of the almighty dollar?

Call it what you want, they'll find $600B to cut from the MIL in the public places and cause all kinds of PAIN, but just like AFGHAN, and IRAQ over $3Trillon and all off-budget and never budgeted it was supposed to cost what $100B according to BUSH back in 2002? But the experts all said $2T, and we all knew it would cost that much.

In my mind if you can pass $16T to the banks, you can do so back-door to the military, besides you all heard about during the invasion of IRAQ how we had warehouses of $100 bills that we were using to be hearts&minds, where do you think that money came from? It all came from the back-door of treasury.

In my mind the relationship with DOLLAR-CONFIDENCE, and US-MILITARY power are synonymous. I would love to see the confidence collapse, and the dollar and all imperial power go down the toilet, but will this happen? Not likely, the HAMILTON INTEREST defined in the federalist debate is simply too strong for the beast to go down so easy, especially when the only obstacle is printing money.

Lastly, not forget the US has now virtually STOLE ALL the worlds OIL, in the past 10 years, we now have Libya the worlds best and next will be IRAN, once we have all the OIL it will NOT matter to the US-MIL what money is used, the US-MIL will demand payment in GOLD by all governments.