Thursday, November 24, 2011

The fractured time machine.

I dreamed last night that I invented a time machine.

But the time machine could only be used to go back as far as the invention of the machine.

So there is all the time up to the time machine, which is unchanging.

Then there is all the time after the time machine. Which becomes fractured and diffuse and confusing as people go backward again and again to fix earlier mistakes and stumble across each other (and earlier versions of themselves) and eventually no one can remember where they started.

Might make a good short story.

I think I had the dream because I've been watching Fabric of the Cosmos on Nova, which is trippy and mindblowing and confusing and makes me feel both stupid and small. How do they come up with this stuff? But which is also fascinating.

Also a good sign when I dream a story, because it means my subconscious creativity is hard at work.

Happy Turkey Day!


Anonymous said...

These days the book to read is Edward Bellamy's "LOOKING BACKWARD", 1890's is here again, and so is everyone dreaming of uptopia

Jenny Gallegos said...

Speaking of time machines, you should watch the korean movie titled cyborg she. It's soooo romantic :D