Sunday, November 13, 2011

Big Business Monkey. Daniel Johnston

Big Business Monkey - Hi How Are You (1983)

Big business monkey
Nothing’s funny
Big business monkey
Everything’s money
You sold cheeseburgers with that cashier’s smile
He runs his house like a burger king manager
And the only jokes he knows
Are the ones that’ll put you down
Big business monkey
You’ll take over the world
And you can have it now
But you can’t take it with you
Everything you cling to will rot
And everything you do will be forgot
By everyone you ever tried to impress


Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, these evictions are all about power. While Portland was reasonably successful with minimal violence, it could have been much worse. City officials want Occupy Portland gone, not for the excuse of public safety and health. The real reason for the eviction is local businesses want people to go shoppin'. Banks, businesses feel the OWS movement is a deterrent to entice rich, scared 1%ers to drive down to the city center and whip out their MasterCard and Visa. I kid you not.


Yep, no doubt that dunc is a 1%'er.

Anonymous said...

"Taser INTL"

Now the best performing stock in USA.

Buy it now dunc, its the trend any fascist product that kills or controls USA children is loved by 'investors'.