Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tricycle weather.

If that little bit of melting snow caused Central Oregon traffic chaos, god help us all.

That was nothing. That was, --take it in stride, as your normal due, dudes-- type weather. That was tricycle weather, and if you can't drive it, you're not ready for the big bike. That was, walk the line and tap your nose weather, and if you can't do that, you shouldn't drive. I mean, really.

One of these years we're going to have a real winter or two or three in a row. It's bound to happen. Then what happens?

The carnage on the streets will be unimaginable.


Inordinately pleased that my wife wrote on her blog for the first time in two years. It was nice.


Damn, damn, damn. Lost most of this entry, after laboring over it. Damn.



Desperation time at Juniper Ridge? They are offering no property taxes for 3 to 5 years.

Which just points out, really, that not very many people have been expressing interest in moving there.

And if I was someone who had already moved there, I'd be asking for the same consideration.

What's next? A fire sale?

While I doubt it's enough of a saving to entice anyone who wasn't willing to come anyway, it does guarantee that Juniper Ridge doesn't benefit the tax district for another half a decade.

This to me is the equivalent of offering a huge discount on my product. I find that usually doesn't accrue to the bottom line much, and I'm better off waiting for a real sale to a real interested customer.

Isn't this just another give-away to big business on the back of small taxpayers?

Just like there is always someone in small business who is willing to sell at a loss in order to try to capture market share, and who almost always goes out of business but in the meantime devalues the product for everyone -- there will probably always be a small government desperate enough to give into big business demands. (Facebook -- give us what we want or we'll move to Prineville!)


The Bulletin used the word "heavy" in describing the snowfall, which makes me wonder about the origin of the reporter. And the editor who let that word be used.


Meanwhile, the Bulletin is asking that its interest rate on its loan be lowered to 4.5%. (The Source actually has a longer article about this than the Bulletin does...)

I'm going to surprise everyone and say -- that makes sense.

When I had to go to Consumer Credit Counseling and renegotiate my debts (I had resorted to credit cards to save my business after the comic and sports card boom and busts) I was able to lower the rates on almost all my cards, sometimes to zero. (All except #$^@ Capital One, who wouldn't budge, and who still makes me cringe every time I see their commercials with the Viking dude looking into the camera and demanding, "What's in YOUR wallet?" Whimper, whimper.)

When I came out of debt about 10 years ago, I had paid off the principle and tons of interest and penalties and still had a decent credit rating and a viable business which pays taxes and has employees and is giving me a living.

I hope the Bulletin can pull it off, because I think the local area needs a local newspaper of record.


Duncan McGeary said...

By the way, there is a cogent In My View today, by Scott R. Siewert, entitled:

"City of Bend is Beaten down by wasteful spending." Bulletin.


Leitmotiv said...

Heavy? really? Boy that guy must be from California, because this is only a light dusting for those who have lived in Wisconsin.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"If that little bit of melting snow caused Central Oregon traffic chaos, god help us all."

Ah, it was just because they didn't have their studs on yet. Not that the studs make driving that much safer, but they're a security blanket for Oregon drivers. Without 'em they get all tense and frightened and drive stupidly.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"I hope the Bulletin can pull it off, because I think the local area needs a local newspaper of record."

I would not like to see Bend be without a daily newspaper either. But if the Chandlers had to sell the paper and the new owners kicked out the Boys From Boise and their right-wing political bias, I wouldn't mind at all.

Duncan McGeary said...

Drove three blocks downtown behind a woman who was driving 5 mph. I was afraid she was going to slam on her brakes at any moment.

Helen said...

Twenty four years in MN ... need I say more?