Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Don't throw away!!!"

There's this cardboard ....THING....that's been hanging around the store. Just kind of there, not really noticed, picked up and set aside every once in a while. Kind of looks like a couple of bookmarks, taped together. I think I've picked it up several times, and always put it back thinking I'd figure it out later.

So today, I finally picked it up and read it again.

"DON'T (underlined three times) Throw This Away!!!
Warning -- on Pain of Death and Dismemberment."

Under this, in a different handwriting, in smaller letters, is this: "Why are we saving this again? Psychology experiment?"

And under that, in different handwriting, and even smaller letters:

"It's purpose will be made clearer in the coming days. All glory to the Creator!"

I finally took this home and show it to Linda and asked, "Is this yours? What does it refer to?"

She couldn't stop laughing. "I vaguely remember this...."

"Yes, but now it's become it's own Thing -- eternal and everlasting.... who would dare destroy it? though it's purpose be long forgotten. Even now I hesitate!"

What a wonderful dirty trick. Go into a store with a nice label, and put it on a random object. Then check every few months to see if it's still there....

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Anonymous said...

Best I have seen yet on your favorite subject, the death of the bookstore, this article about how there is no bookstore in West-LA, ... think about that!