Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday suds.

We've worn out the "mute" button on our remote.

What does that say?


I suppose it wouldn't have helped if Joe Paterno had retired earlier -- the sex abuse scandal would still reflect negatively on him in a retroactive sense.


Linda said, watching House Hunters, "I can't believe the U.S. has Virgin Islands."

"I can't either. I'm can't believe the U.S. would leave them virgins for long."


Unexpectedly, I've been watching lots of documentaries on Netflix streaming. These are the kinds of movies that seem to never show up either on the cable channels or at the theaters.

"The Art of the Steal, Herb and Dorothy, Van Gogh: Brush with Genius, Objectified, Helvetica, Basqiat: Radiant Child, and several others that have dropped off my "Recently Watched" list.

I didn't realize Netflix was like Pandora, recommending movies based on what you've watched.

I tend to like documentaries about art and/or commerce. Not the kind of thing you can find, even on PBS.

Kind of funny to see what categories they think we like:

"Art and Design."

"Campy Action Thrillers."

"Gritty British Crime."

"Science and Tech Documentaries."

That all fits, right?


H. Bruce Miller said...

"We've worn out the "mute" button on our remote. What does that say?"

This has been remarked upon before, but obviously it says you watch WAY too much television.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Our TV is six years old and we haven't had to replace the batteries in the remote yet.

Anonymous said...,0,3528713.story


I thought this story was 100% dunc,

Essentially MALLS are on a rebound for 'one stop shopping'. Go dunc GO, go back to the mall quick.

Anonymous said...

Dunc plays with computers ( internet ) too much, and watches tv too much,

He's a real ameriKKKan :)

Anonymous said...

We have said that 2016-2018 is turn-around, pain for Bend Real-Estate isn't even until 2012-2014 when RESETS max next year.

Your indirectly acting like its game-over for the BUST, when in fact the BUST is still in the first inning.

Duncan McGeary said...

I thought it was stupid of them to tear down the malls in favor of "lifestyle" box centers.

But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

You should check out Marwencol on netflix streaming if you haven't already. Amazing "wartime" photos using the original size GI Joe models. Great documentary!