Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One more to go.

Finally finished the penultimate chapter last weekend.

One more chapter to go.

In the meantime, the events in this second to the last chapter pointed out the need for an interim chapter starring some of the characters that show up. I suspect that there will be a few more interim chapters as well.

I've more or less got the last chapter in my head, so I'm in no hurry to write it. I want it to percolate for awhile. Probably the second most important chapter to get right (after the first chapter.) Meanwhile, I can start drawing my time and continuity graphs, and character profiles and those things I'll need to do the second draft of my store right.

I'll give each chapter as I go along to Jared, to see if he has any last suggestions.

It feels really good to get this book done. Just a feeling of accomplishment, that is almost payment enough in itself. (Though that "doing it just to do it" motivations usually isn't enough to get me going, once I'm finished, it sort of turns out that "doing it" is pretty satisfying.)

I was reading some advice from some other writers about getting everything into the first draft, and then refining it. Unfortunately, I don't work that way. I tend to add lots of detail and embellishment in the second draft, which usually improves it.

I don't think I'll have to do any major plot changes, which are the biggest headache when rewriting. The polishing the writing is something that just happens when I rewrite, so what I'm looking to do is add depth and texture if possible.

This new work process has succeeded in making the story fresh for me, which is really important.

Plus -- I can't believe it -- but I used to write my books on a fricken typewriter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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