Thursday, November 10, 2011

When I'm wrong.

That the parking garage in downtown Bend wouldn't be used. Can't imagine downtown without it.

That Magic, the Gathering was on it's last legs a couple of years ago. Wizards of the Coast has just announced that volume has doubled since 2008.

O.K. I'm thinking, I'm thinking. I'm sure I've been wrong about something else.

Oh, yeah.

Big one. That the internet was a waste of time. I didn't have time for it. Hah.

That the Old Mill was one shopping area too many.

That Northwest Crossing would empty out.

The Bend, overall, would lose population and people would quit moving here.

That the vacancy rate downtown would increase. (I didn't think downtown would empty out, boarded windows and all, but I thought there would be SOME consequence...)

That I would never get a cell phone. Or use it.

Still Not Sure:

Whether books and comics have any future. Or DVD's.

Whether the big box stores are Ponzi Schemes and will collapse from pressure from the internet.

Whether there will still be enough business for small independents to take their place.


RDC said...

Instead of your big box stores being ponzi schemes are more realistic description

All retail models require change. Retail is one of the more fluid business areas, second only to dining establishments. As such no model will survive for an extended period of time without change. Each model will eventually be replaced by another model. Just big box model pushed out previously successful businesses, it will also be replaced by a newer model.

Note: It doesn't mean that all companies of that type will fail, only that it will nolonger be dominant and many will.

Anonymous said...

You will also be proven wrong with respect to your take on the proposed creative writing degree.

Don't pop peoples' dreams, man!

Anonymous said...

Sort of reminds of the Bellwether, when dunc spouts you know the game is over.

Anonymous said...

You have only picked things you call wrong on a selective basis there are 100's of fuck-ups in Bend like Juniper-Ridge, also the its so fucking early.

We have said that 2016-2018 is turn-around, pain for Bend Real-Estate isn't even until 2012-2014 when RESETS max next year.

Your indirectly acting like its game-over for the BUST, when in fact the BUST is still in the first inning.