Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Great God Pegasus To Whom All Glorious Sacrifice Must Be Made.

I realized something this week. Cutting the number of days I work, has not necessarily cut the amount of work I do. It's just more concentrated.

I barely keep up with the work I need to do on the days I work. I don't remember that being true when I was working more days.

Back when I worked just about every day, I got very good about pacing myself. I'd plan for orders one day, receive orders on another day, rearrange another day, pay bills another day, clean another day. It seemed almost effortless.

Now, I feel like I'm scrambling from the moment I get there. I feel like I've pretty much delegated the things I can delegated, and the things that are left to do, are the things only I can do.

I noticed once that Linda would rather work fewer but longer days, while I preferred more but shorter days.

Yep....... I'm whining about working fewer days....

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Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious which days of the week generate little to no sales, simply just don't go on those days. Stay home do nothing. Go for a walk along the river, go walk around the old-mill, get off your arse.

That said we all know that the real reason for your 'shortage of time', is the vast time you waste playing on computers.

At the end of the day your now a 'retired' old guy, with at least a place to go other than the bar to escape your hell ( home ).