Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday fraps.

"Earlier Store Openings Anger Some" Bulletin, 11/11/11.

Oh, boo hoo.


What's today's date again? I think it's 11/11........don't help me here, I'll remember......11/11.......


Told firmly by Paul not to try to be funny. Sorry.


So here it is, 11/11/11, and home prices are still dropping.


"Oregon Economic Forecast is for 'Tepid Growth'."

You know, like so tepid you don't notice it.


Seven former mayors of Bend sign a petition to rethink the water filtration plan.

I think it's a case of -- if the current city council felt like they didn't have the money, they'd come up with a viable alternative.

It looks to me like they really didn't consider the viable alternatives, but went for the biggest option. (And a 40% increase in water rates.)

Bend always goes for the biggest option....


Paul said I was being too downbeat, lately.

Which kind of surprised me, because I'm actually feeling pretty good about things.


So a city councilor, running for county commissioner, went bankrupt.

What stood out to me was that he bought his house in 20o6.

By 2006, a bunch of us bubble bloggers were already having long discussions about how unwise it was to buy a house at those prices. I mean, it was pretty obvious. Seriously, it wasn't that hard to see, especially in Bend.


I started watching the Talk of the Town local access show about the downtown street closures, but I can only take 10 minutes without tearing my hair out in frustration.

It seems to me that the Downtowners, the city, and the event coordinators managed to dilute the message within 5 minutes.

In fact, they made it about MESSAGE, which I don't think is the issue at all.

It's frustrating to hear another retailer say, "Well, yeah, sales are down considerably for the day, but it's still good for us."



Paul also mentioned that he thought I was done commenting about street closures.

Well, sure.

But then everyone else brought it up.


Shut up, Paul.


Duncan McGeary said...

Paul isn't Paul-doh, in case you're wondering.

Anonymous said...

Just keep talking about street closures, nobody else reminds folks the emperor has no clothes,

Lets NOT forget that street closures only exist so that city can get additional permit revenue, that newbies will come to the city and maybe fall in love to buy condo's, that the SORE sell its events and pocket cash from hosting the events,

What's in it for locals? NOT A FUCKING THING.

That said locals pay the taxes, and the lighting, and pay pay the penalty of no access to their business, real locals stay away from these events, as having seen one you have seen them all.

I say street closures are a BELLWETHER when they're finished, you will know that COTA/CORA/COBA has given up using taxpayer blood and money to PUSH real-estate onto visitors. Then and only then will the closures end, until then the parasites will continue to PUSH their way on to the locals.

Most interesting now there is serious discussion that the LEFT will return to VIOLENCE, having failed at submission since the 1970's, should interesting to see the left go violent, as weakness has proved to be a failure for 40+ years against the fascists who RULE main-street.