Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hey, Christmas! Tone it down!

Not Ready for Prime Time Town.

Many of the problems this town has had have come from growing too big too fast. We just weren't ready for it. The crony small town politics didn't grow well. And outsiders (and elected politicians who have lived here for 5 minutes and have no memory or perspective) brought unrealistic expectations, and overblown predictions to the process.

Still doing it, actually.


On Monday, I made the mistake of watching House, Terra Nova, and Castle without dvr-ing first. So we sat through a RELENTLESS assault of Christmas Cheery ads, dancing and singing and mugging and otherwise attacking my senses. Pink and red and white all over the place, like a bloody crime scene in the snow.

My god, it was was bruising. I felt like hiding my eyes, covering my head. It was just awful.

Christmas....why are you beating me up like this?


Call me a cynic. I don't watch Dancing With The Stars, but I predicted who would win early on just from reading a few of the descriptions. Who's winning would be the most emotionally satisfying? Yep, the injured vet. Bingo.

"Reality" is such a misnomer for these shows. (From American Idol on....) Staged competitions would be a better description. Our modern day wrestling.

I know this is no great insight, but knowing this, why do people still watch?


Speaking of "stage competitions"; I haven't watched a single Republican debate and can't for the life of me imagine the appeal.

I wouldn't watch if they were Democrats, either.

Do people really believe anything is being said? Other than gatchas? Which may or may not indicate leadership abilities? Kind of like job interviews don't really predict the quality of the worker?

You know, how would Lincoln do? (By that I mean, how would he 'look'.)

God forbid you should say anything honest. You'd get drummed off the stage.


Wow. How does Oregon remain in the Top Ten with two losses?


We have mostly Juniper trees surrounding our house.

Do Junipers fall down much? From the wind? When I see pictures of fallen trees, they seem mostly to be pine or fir trees.

Anyone know?



H. Bruce Miller said...

"Wow. How does Oregon remain in the Top Ten with two losses?"

Oklahoma is #9 and also has two losses. It all depends on who you lose to.

Anonymous said...

Out out in the sea of Juniper we both love on moonlit nights, I see many standing 100's of years old, the fallen all seem to have the marks of chain-saw from years past,

I really think the Juniper is quite adapt to this barren 'Burns' we call Bend. That said the Juniper is highly flammable, but makes very attractive man furniture for the bar or living room :)

Anonymous said...

Dunc, this is why I never watch TV, because I cannot stomach the content or the commercials,

So how in the hell pray-tell do you sit through this shit the other 11 months a year ( Jan-Nov ), given that in my humble opinion (IMHO) it's same-same year round.

TV: I'll repeat like Bend(tm), the content sucks dick, and the commercials eat-shit, 24/7-365.

Yes, PRO-WRESTLING, want to know a kick, or here in Asia now the they have an immitation of ameriKKKan pro-wrestling, ... gone is the real stuff, almost impossible to find a highly trained wrestler, but easy to find a monkey willing to bounce on a trampoline with other monkeys, and of course the audience, what would a circus be without and audience, and lastly the PT Barnum behind the curtain running the show, So fucking ameriKKKan, so fucking Bend(tm).