Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday night shows.

We watch a lot of shows on Sunday. And some of them seem to tread water week to week. Last night, finally, some momentous things happened.

But before I start talking about BIG SPOILERS/WARNING SPOILERS! I wanted to compare T.V. shows to books. Reading a book is pretty much an A to Z experience. But T.V. seems sometimes to get caught somewhere between H and N and hover there, trying to maintain the experience.

Problem is, how do you kill off main characters in a drama and still have a show?

Anyway, last night was one of those times when all the shows seem to lurch forward a bit.

In Dexter, the big Sixth Sense reveal finally happened -- not much of a reveal, actually, since it was pretty easy to guess from week one. The evil Professor Geller is a figment of Colin Hanks mind. On the other hand, they did some fancy footwork to try to fool us over the last few weeks.

Oh, and I have a new catchphrase whenever Linda says something off the wall: "You're a chair."

Homeland kind of disappointed me last week when they did the double/triple switcheroo. Is he a traitor? No? Yes? No?

I guess the answer is -- kinda, sorta?

But they redeemed themselves somewhat by showing a pretty convincing motivation for his turncoating.

Hell on Wheels is still in the initial inflation stage where the story is propelled by its newness.

Walking Dead finally had an episode where something happened, and where all the talk actually counted for something.

I suppose I'm supposed to feel some sympathy for the Hershel's viewpoint -- but, really, it's pretty hard to be on his side. So Shane's over the top reaction doesn't really look all that over the top.

Dale, too, is supposed to be a more sympathetic character -- but having him try to hide the guns? Idiotic.

The little girl coming out of the barn was very effective, though, and something I didn't see coming.

Now we have to wait until February for more episodes.

Boardwalk Empire really put together a solid episode, finally. I was getting impatient with this show. They may have killed off a non-essential character, but they did it in a very chilling way.

And I kept expecting Mrs. Schroeder to ask God for her money back.

Yes, Buster. I watch too much T.V.

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