Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jeff is always upbeat.

Interesting article about Jeff Valley. He was in my graduating class, and my shop used to be on his bike route. When I came back to town after college, he still remembered me from high school.

He'd pop his head in the door, and give me a moose call.

"Hooot. Hooooooot." Big laugh.

"Kinda cold today, Jeff?"

"Yeah, Dunc."

"Don't you get tired riding that bike?"

"Yeah, Dunc."

"You doin' good?

"Yeah, Dunc. Hey, Dunc.....hooot, hoooooot."

I can still hear the "Yeah, Dunc's," clipped and cheerful.

Stopped seeing him awhile back and was wondering where he went.



H. Bruce Miller said...

I remember that guy dropping in at the Metropolitan Barber Shop, though I never knew his name. He appears to have lost a lot of weight.

Carl said...

I think he is still around. Saw him at the M. Barber shop quite often when I lived in Bend.

He stopped riding his bike and takes the Dial-a-ride instead from the quasi-assisted living residence he now lives at.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Why are developmentally disabled people always so cheerful and good-natured? Anyway, all the ones I've known were.

Carl said...

I don't think Jeff started out a few coins short. He was badly injured in a a motorcycle accident quite a time ago.

H. Bruce Miller said...

The Bulletin story said he was diagnosed as autistic as a child.