Sunday, November 13, 2011

Late to the party.

You'll probably just laugh at this, but I spent a whole afternoon yesterday listening to Daniel Johnston songs.

O.K. I knew who he was -- vaguely. But I was really liking Beck's version of True Love Will Find in the End, so I went to YouTube.

But once I started really listening, I was Gobsmacked.

I loved them all. Every song. Just kept listening and listening.

At first, I wondered how they would sound with professional backup. Maybe cover versions.

Because-- I thought -- he isn't the greatest singer or musician in the world.

Except it turns out he is -- none of the covers are as good as his original songs.

This is one of those cases where I can actually understand why others don't care for him -- without being defensive. And where I could be accused of just being another hipster who likes him as a pity party. But I actually thought his music was pretty interesting. No doubt, though, it's an acquired taste.

I'm also kind of glad I discovered his music without having seen the movie. "The Devil and Daniel Johnston." (Damn Netflix streaming once again doesn't have a movie I'm looking for....)

There is a danger of romanticizing depression and craziness, and having had a major depression episode earlier in my life I know it ain't romantic in any way. But there is something about someone just -- as he says in his song -- living his "broken dreams."

So ........ I know I'm not the first or the last to find this guy, but just marking the moment.

God (nature) bestows it's gifts in mysterious ways.

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