Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Company Will Expand to its Level of Incompetence.

There's a story on Shelf Awareness of a longtime online discount bookstore opening a bricks and mortar location.

Owner says it's gotten too competitive online. And she talks about what an irony it is that she was opening a store, when just a few years ago she was encouraging her dad to close his stores and go online.



"OSU-Cascades May Offer Master's in Creative Writing." Bulletin, 11/3/11.

Just what the world needs. More pretentious writers.



Oh, the power of it all. The Greeks have complete control of my stock portfolio.

Mention a 'referendum' and the stocks go into freefall. Back off a 'referendum' and they go back up.

That can't be healthy.

As I twittereded. "Oh, stock market. You son of a bitch."



A paranoid local district attorney creates enemies which makes him paranoid which creates enemies which makes him paranoid.

That can't be good.



Another local, apparently thriving company, PV Powered, gets bought by a bigger out-of-town rival, and immediately seems to collapse.

Funny how when the parent company gets in trouble, the costs get cut at the new merger.

I hereby call it McGeary's law: A company will expand to it's level of incompetence.



Linda and I saw that four point buck in the Bulletin on our Sunday drive on the west side. It was standing in the middle of the road when we turned a corner.

It had a look, as if to say: "What's your problem, bud?"

Saw two other batches of deer that day, within a few blocks.

Rodents with hooves.



Anonymous said...

Um, speaking of levels of incompetence, Duncan, it is "its" you want in that heading, not "it's."

Anonymous said...

Just put my entire portfolio into cash. Stock market is going to be brutal for a while...

Anonymous said...


Isn't it funny that Bend is finally getting a 4 year university in the Old Mill, just like Buster had been asking for all that time?

At one time it was thought the 4 year university would be in Juniper Ridge, but notgonnahappen.

Anonymous said...

Greece gets to VOTE about being part of the EURO the US stock market collapses, GREECE announces that the people will NOT get to VOTE the USA stock market sky-rockets.

Get a clue people, the fucking game is rigged, and the USA is a large quisling-ponzi pool. That largely votes for 'fascism'.

It would be wonderful for the greek people to VOTE about being part of the EURO, it would be a BIG NO, of course this can't happen cuz if the greek people walk from the EURO they'll also walk from the DEBT which means that the CDS ( insurance ) will be called, which means the WALL-STREET CASINO collapses, cuz they're incapable of making good on the policy's written.

Funny to date that ALL gubmint have made good on the policy's, 100's of trillions of policy has been written to cover worthless world debt, but no policy has ever been covered, cuz it would ripple the entire industry.

Where now? Same as always, CHF, GOLD, SGD. ALL 'AAA' for real.

Getting back to the fucking USA, pretty sad that the US stock market operates INVERSE to real democracy.

Anonymous said...

I think what I said is long after BILL-SMITM ( hbm's water bottle warmer ) goes BK on the OLD-MILL that then and only then the hollow buildings should become a campus for penny's on the dollar. If in fact the BK is bought from SMITH/HOLLERN for inflated prices then I would be the first to condemn.

The fact is where the 2/4 year college is currently located is 'shit' too steep and sucks in the winter, the ideal would be to turn the Awbrey Campus into a chimp farm and occupy the old-mill for 2/4 year education.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Me (tm) I'm Bend from ,
Now mee rolaids run low, but I'm still 1/2 the woman I was 40 yeargo,

I tink it goes we all reach our levels of competence, and there we rot in time,

The Pederson Principal it used to be called that people rise ttheirth levels of incompetence, but here in Bend its shut your mouth,

Anonymous said...

"The fact is where the 2/4 year college is currently located..."

Yes, and if you read the news you'd realize that there is a new full fledged university (OSU-Cascades) with bachelor's and graduate programs that will occupy a building in what is essentially the Old Mill. No more U of O involvement, it is an OSU brnach campus only.

And Duncan is going to head up their creative writing program.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Rodents with hooves."

City folk get all fluttery when they see one. "OOooooh, there's a DEER in your back yard! How beautiful!"