Saturday, March 15, 2008

I don't know Eric King. But here's my advice to the Bend City Council. Just hire the guy. Save all that money on the job search. All your vaunted searches have only succeeded in hiring someone from outside who take months, if not years, to get up the speed, who realizes to his horror what a mess he got into. Eric King is at least aware of the problems. Can't see how the choice for City Manager can be improved by your interview process. You've had a chance to see the guy work, and obviously, he's competent or he wouldn't still be there. Just hire the guy.


Duncan McGeary said...

And I know they'll do some grand search for the perfect candidate, because they have delusions of granduer.

We're currently short 20 million according to KTVZ, which they really, really should have seen coming. And which can only get worse.

They're subsidizing out of general funds a transport system that I'm guessing just isn't working.

And they're still talking about the visions of 3rd Street and Juniper Ridge.

They need to put all their grand projects on hold, get back to paving the streets, and keeping the firemen and policemen paid.

Come back down to earth. I'm having to do that in my business. There's no shame in it.

Anonymous said...

Bike totally agrees with you. Bend needs to quit trying to keep up with and/or be like [put your favorite 'Mountain Town' here] and start making smart decisions that might benefit the "Joe Average" Bend resident rather than the Good Old Boy Wanna Be Richer and Enjoy the High Life 'Cause Bend is "Different" Crowd. Will it happen? Nah. There's simply not enough political will or personal courage in any of our political or business "leaders" to Do What's Right. Sad. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Bike, is right, but it goes back to the SURGE analogy, and I know dunc hates it, but its so true.

The folks running this town, don't give a fuck about joe-blow, never did, and never will.

Bend is ASPEN, and that dream will never die. Even if it means bankrupting the town, its all or nothing. Its BOOM or BUST, no in between. This is the little town that could.

Note on this Eric King issue, aren't we still paying Ron Garzini $10k/month?? We were last time I looked, and remember what Garzini always says. "Run Bend Like a Business", which means debt, borrow as much as you can, and reach as high as you can reach.

It's the SURGE, its ALL or NOTHING, of course 'we the taxpayer' those of US that aren't reaching into the clouds of Grander, those of us with are feet on the ground, want a simple life, and surely don't want WALMART in ASPEN.

The folks that run this town, have all their money in the dream, just like 'twisted-little-shrub' ( bush ), has all his political capital in IRAQ.

Bend is going down, and city-hall is going to take US down with THEM, and there's NOT a damn thing anyone in this town can to do to stop it.

Bewert said...

Bike, boring little things like fixing potholes and cleaning up the grit everywhere doesn't just benefit the average local, it benefits the tourism industry. Right now it's like some sort of hell at times when it's windy, the grit and dust are so bad when you are riding the city streets. Encouraging people to come to Bend to ride and then providing them such a poor product is just as stupid as inviting them to ski at Bachelor and then having them stand in long lines at broken lifts.

They simply won't return. It's just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

Right now it's like some sort of hell at times when it's windy, the grit and dust are so bad when you are riding the city streets.


Brucey, we toss down grit all winter, an then the windows blows it around on dry days.

What do you suggest salt?

Bend has always been what it is a duty, dirty, little desert town. MT-B has always been a 1/2 ass ski place, with dreams of Grandeur.

The fact that Bend never has and NEVER will deliver the tourist mecca return is a simple fact.

I can see it now, city-hall declares a war on grit, sand, and dust. Hell if I leave my east facing windows open in the summer I get a coating of dust in those rooms. It's always been this way.

You and bike are both right, but the city doesn't have the money to fix the roads, storm drains, ... The city only has money to hire private consultants for imaging, visioning, and positioning Bend.

The tourists ain't coming back, and never did except suckers who bought condos. That is over. Hell they snagged you Brucey. Now your bitching about grit on the roads.

Yep, tourists don't care if we don't have firemen, its all about the tourist, brucey may be right, he might have a better handle on whats important at city-hall than we do.

The fact is tourists don't vote.

Anonymous said...

You'll get no argument from me. I ride both road and mtn bikes and you are totally correct - my wet side friends say why come over here to ride when the valley doesn't have the dust, potholes and chipseal we have. And these guys spend money on food, beer, lodging, and bike clothing, parts, tuning and whatever else feels good.

And don't get me going on Powdr/Bachelor!! They had to put NW on generator today which, of course, slowed the whole lift down - lots. But, in only the "wisdom" Bachelor can display, the fools put up a sign at the top of the lift that said, "It's slow, but it sure beats hiking". Dammit, I pay to ride the lifts - NOT to hike. If I want to 'earn my turns' I'll do that for free somewhere else.

Duncan McGeary said...

Always been dust, always been grit.

But it does seem like there is more of it.

Here's a notion. All this churned up land has stirred up the dust that used to be kept down by the juniper and sagebrush.

See, I can even blame the duststorms on developers.

And, yes, Timmy, I am a leftist pinkie commie bleeding heart liberal.

But what's that got to do with the Housing Bubble?

Eat the Rich!

Duncan McGeary said...

Arguing politics or religion is a completely useless activity.

I only talk about those subjects at the store when I know the person already agrees with me.

But really, has anyone who is willing to argue the left or the right EVER convince someone who is willing to argue the other side?

Duncan McGeary said...

Getting back to Eric King. Firing 3 city managers for obtuse reasons in just a few years, isn't going to attract as many qualified candidates.

I know one very qualified candidate who's wife has put her foot down on moving here.

Besides, Bend already is full of people who have only been here 5 minutes and who need to get up to speed.

We don't need any more decision makers who have no historical perspective.

Anonymous said...

We don't need any more decision makers who have no historical perspective.


Bruce Pussy for Mayor.