Saturday, April 26, 2008

Deerf#%ch###er, starring Robert DeNiro

Wow. The 'Serial Deerkiller" story just keeps getting weirder.

This from the KTVZ. com.:

"He (Livermore) faces 22 charges, including one that alleges he did more than just kill deer.

"The last count is attempted sexual abuse of an animal" said Crook County District Attorney Gary Williams. Asked if he could elaborate on the charge, Williams said, "There is nothing I can say on that count."



Jason said...

Aww, yuck.

bruce said...

I heard that, too. It made me giggle, it's so wierd.

Attempted sexual whatever with a deer? Was it alive or dead? Warm or cold? Which end?

John Waters needs to hear about this ;)

And people thought the pregnant guy was wierd.

Carl said...

It's called Bestiality, isn't it? If it was a dead deer, is it necrophiliac Bestiality??