Sunday, April 27, 2008

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day.

What a scary thing to wake up to -- the big floating, toothy grinned face of Duncan, like some sort of Halloween mask. (Does that look like a comb-over? I hate comb-overs!) Linda liked the picture, though, so maybe it's O.K.

This kind of publicity is worth ten times the advertising coverage. But you can't just ask for it; it has to be the Bulletin's idea. Anyway, I remember seeing Dave Jasper last year around this time and mentioning that he ought to do an article on FCBD. But I was surprised when he took me up on it.

FCBD is one of those rare examples of a proactive idea from the retailers actually being picked up by the rest of the industry and pushed through. These are quality comics, that we pay a nominal fee for, and hand out free. I've always had lots of leftovers, which I then give away to any kids throughout the year who show the slightest interest.

One quote Dave left out; he asked me if kids were buying comics, and I said, "They do when they're FREE!"

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