Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Pegasus, less Real Estate.

Talking about comics and comic shops on another blog, and told them to come here. Then read over the last number of posts and realized I haven't been much discussing comics.

It's there, folks. You may have to dig a bit further back.

And another reminder to me that, fascinating at the Bend economy is to me, it don't mean nothin' to everyone else.

I'm am a bookstore, and that's the unique hook that grabs people. There are plenty of kooks talking about housing bubbles.


Anonymous said...

Wow dunc, maybe now your going to start working your biz.

You could start a comic blog, get a world-wide following, and then monopolize your audience with your 'collectibles' and SELL, and you could generate a real nice International income.

Yes, the housing-bubble bloggers, is 100% renters nation-wide, and they're between 911 conspiracy and tin-foil condom's

I think I have been saying forever what you need to do, You need to create a comic book blog, that talks about collectibles, you need to control the debate, and offer your products for sale, and write as much content as you can to get a following, ...

When I say collectibles what-ever, but if you target yourself on the web as an international authority on comic's, and display your inventory, folks will buy. Just to be part of the family.

You hang out 24/7 with the 911 and/or tin-foil condom crowd talking about the merits of renting versus owning, and you'll end up in the poorhouse.

Duncan McGeary said...

Bilbo, I've pretty much come to the same conclusions.

The downturn is going to be ugly, but mostly it will happen slowly, without much notice by anyone except those in the crosshairs.

There won't be an ah ha moment, like the crash of Bear, Sterns. Just constant ramped up stress. So it's time for me to focus on the business. I'm not making any grand pronouncements, just trending that way.

USA has an article on how the credit card companies are raising rates. That ain't going to help.