Saturday, April 19, 2008

I've got one full time job, right now. No, it isn't working at Pegasus. That's just hanging out. I'd probably do that for free. Besides, I'm letting Patrick work a lot of the hours these days. Why?

Because of my other full time job.

Which is....NOT spending money. Not being near order forms is not being near temptation.

You know how when you seriously diet, or try to quit smoking, or something equally hard it becomes your full time preoccupation? It's like that. I've thrown dieting into the mix just because if I have to suffer I may as well get it all over with at the same time.

Hi, I'm Duncan and I'm a spendaholic.

Hi, Duncan!

I've got 4 days of not spending under my belt. I fell off the wagon a little last week because I had a customer who special ordered a Tigrus and Euphrates game and the only one in stock was in the eastern warehouse and it would've taken more money to ship it than it was worth unless I got to the 300.00 free shipping level and I needed some other stuff for the store anyway and besides I was going to order all that stuff in two weeks anyway so if I don't spend the 300.00 in two weeks no harm done and if I get through next week without spending it would be like only drinking one...o.k. maybe two beers....and you can expect perfection after all I told myself I would be willing to lose a few sales but I wouldn't lose a customer and this guy has been back twice looking for the game and...

I'm back on the wagon, though.

A full time job.

(I'm sort of kidding. I've always stuck to budgets. But it can be hard to change habits....)

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Bewert said...

Re:Which is....NOT spending money. Not being near order forms is not being near temptation.

I'm definitely sending this post to the wife ;)