Friday, April 25, 2008


Rereading the last post, it makes it sound like I'm a real slacker. Which is pretty ridiculous when I really count the hours and probably shows what freaking workaholic I am. I'm still working about 65% of the available hours. If I want to take the weekends off, then I'm really only not working about 12 of the remaining hours, which I'm paying Patrick for if I'm there or not. I'm still going to work 5 days a week. I'm still spending 10 hours a month at home on the orders; and I'm not going to count the hours and hours of perusing the web in service to the store.

It may be a bit more noticeable because I'm not there on weekends. But weekends are the best time to take off, because there are more casual customers then, and less regulars. Being the 'boss' works best with regulars.

Besides there are subtle advantages in having an employee there half the time. People enjoy the banter, the store seeming more active. Any good employee develops his or her own group of customers. (Hey, if you don't like me, you can always come on days when the employee is there.....) The employee is a different, younger age, and that may appeal to some people. And an employee is going to mix the product sales -- have his own favorites, or be able to sell something that the owner wouldn't automatically try to sell, and so on.

What's ridiculous over mooning of the hours is that, as I've often said, I worked almost 7 years straight, 7 days a week. I may of turned middle age in that timespan anyway, but I'll always blame those years for turning my hair gray. I wasn't always a happy camper during those years, either.

So the biggest advantage to an employee is a well-rested, jollier owner.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Bratton Day..back at ya.

I almost stopped in to visit with you today. I had my Friday clam chowder at the D&D. I decided I should go back to the office and watch the market for the upticks Bratton delusionaly forecast. Pretty sure he was just joking and trying to lighten the mood about the market. There are now a couple of people that avoid me as I want to share reality with them and most don't want to hear it. One fellow came over today to tell me he agrees with what I have been saying for the past 8 months and that he sees prices falling til 2012. He has been in the biz for 24years and knows that shit changes.
We touched on some, back in the 40's and 50's, American dream was to buy a home, make your payments for 30 years and have a mortgage burning party. No one expected anything other than having your $18k house paid off so you could leave it to your children. Why do people now expect to be paid to live in a house?
I want the mortgage burning party. I will get it soon as I have lived in this house for 15 years on a 15 year fixed loan and no HELOC's. That is the same dream my father had for his house which he paid off 17 years ago. Purchased for 18k now worth 618k and he can't believe that. For him a real bonus for putting his nose to the grindstone most of his life.
Kinda got off on a rant. Sorry. I'll stop in one of these days.