Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pronghorn gets it's fifth extension.


Meanwhile, the headline on the U.S.A. Today is: New-home sales plunge to lowest level in 16 1/2 years.

Nothing in the Bulletin, but the Oregonian seemed to miss the deadline, too, so I'll choose to believe they aren't burying the lead.

Ironically, though, tomorrow is April 25, the day that Dana Brattan announced that Bend would lead the country out of the housing slump.

So that will be the perfect headline for tomorrow.

According to our pet real estate agent, Marge, over on Bend
bubble2, these are the current stats:

As of 4/23/08
51 Sold @ $270k Med

Same period in March 08
67 Sold @ 293k Med

Same period Apr 07
106 Sold @ 349,500

There is a letter in the Source from a supporter of the BAT drivers and their demands, who more or less accuses the management of being bozo's. Who are the clowns here? I'd have to say it's the drivers' union making demands just as the transportation district is going to voter's for tax money. Would it have hurt them to wait?

It seems like everywhere I turn, some big corporation is asking for an extension, or more tax breaks, or some other kind of assistance. But the smaller you are, the less pull you have, I guess.

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