Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I left the front page of yesterday's Bulletin in the bathroom, and Linda (who usually won't read the paper because she takes news to heart) read the article: POLICE ARREST PRINEVILLE MAN IN WHAT THEY SAY WERE SERIAL DEER KILLING.

(First of all, a MUG SHOT! Love those KTVZ mug shots and I wish the Bulletin would do them everytime too.)

This was just a really weird story in a whole bunch of ways. That he seemed to target "pregnant" deer. That he had a "sawed-off...rifle". That he had a "homemade silencer". Most alarming, because it's what the Washington snipers did, he had a "specially designed compartment in the trunk of his red Subaru."

Wow. Was he practicing? Or was he some kind of ninja deer killing assassin? The scourge of deer -- as in, I am Legend? Or just really pissed off at the entire species (especially the breeders) for eating his garden? Maybe a gang of them broke into his kitchen and ate all his lettuce?

But I think the Bulletin has it right. "Serial" as in "Serial Killer." I hope they check into any suspicious disappearances of friends, family or neighbors.

But the clinching weirdness: He left the deer carcasses on the side of the road because...

...I can't believe he said this.... can't make this stuff up....

"...he wasn't interested in deer meat because he was a vegetarian." !!!!!

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Jason said...

Wow, that's bizarre ... I really should've nabbed a paper yesterday, but for some reason I didn't. Ah well.