Friday, May 28, 2010

Your friendly, neighborhood sociopath.

I used to know a woman who told me a long involved pity story about her 'son.' It was a sad and alarming story, and I expressed my condolences. Next time I saw her, I asked how her son was doing.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, you know..." and I started repeating back the story she had told me.

"I never said that," she said.

Oh, oh. I backed away slowly, and didn't start running until I was out the door. Actually, it took a bit longer than that, but over the next few visits I heard, I don't know, three or four different versions of her relationship to her 'son', 'foster son', 'grandson' and whatever it was....

Lady couldn't keep her story straight.

Eventually, I just stopped visiting with her. Later, she became a co-worker to my wife at a corporate store, and proceeded to torpedo Linda's career there by lying and conniving.

Thing is, the woman was a jovial friendly woman.

And a lying sociopath.

Years ago, I had a competitor who would outright lie and steal. People would catch him at it, but they'd forgive him because "He was such a nice guy." Um, really?

Again, he was a jovial friendly guy.

And a lying sociopath.

I had a dorm-mate in college who was from Hawaii, not only from Hawaii but Hawaiin royalty. He had dark looks and a slick manner, so I believed it. A really nice guy. I expressed my admiration of his Coca Cola sign, and he gave it to me. How cool.

A short time later, I found out he wasn't from Hawaii and his name wasn't what I thought it was.

An even shorter time later, the story changed again. I decided to steer clear of the guy.

But he was a jovial friendly guy.

And a lying sociopath.

Reading the descriptions of Diotchin Krasev reminds me a lot of those two experiences.

Oh, he won't say anything about his past. No reason to be suspicious -- he's just playing.

Oh, he makes up names and puts people on. Isn't that cute?

Oh, he's not sketchy, I'd have over to my house anytime even that I don't know a thing about him, and what I do know about him is false. But he's such a nice guy!

Yep, just your usual friendly, neighborhood conman sociopath. Nothing to worry about...

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blackdog said...

Sociopaths often have a lot of superficial charm and friendliness. Another case in point: George W. Bush.