Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost - ed.

I want to write this before I see what anyone else has to say....

I had to turn off the intertubenet last night before the show, because I was afraid I'd see spoilers. The only other times I've ever had to do that was when I'd record the Academy Awards and the Super Bowls because I wanted to fast-forward all the commercials.

Speaking of commercials, I think they added a half hour to the finale so they could pack in more ads....sheesh.


It was an emotionally and dramatically satisfying ending. It had a nice spiritual feel to it. A little over the top with the 'violin music' (well, it wasn't stringed instruments, but you know what I mean.) Almost got a little maudlin a few times, but overall I thought they wrapped the characters up nicely. And in the end, that's why I kept watching -- because I liked the characters.

By the way, I could swear that half of Hurley's lines were from Star Wars....

A couple of things: They really kind of neatly sidestepped giving us most of the answers about the Island itself, by using the sideways wrap up.

And didn't they tell us that it wasn't purgatory, which was many people's first guess.? O.K. O.K., maybe the Island was real, and the sideways storyline was purgatory, but I feel a little conned.

Which is all right. Actually. I don't feel cheated.

Meanwhile, lots and lots of unanswered questions about the Island.

I smell a bookdeal!

Anyway, they pulled it off. I immediately gave up on almost every other show that tried to do the same thing. Too much time and energy investment, like being caught in a fantasy trilogy gone endless --

I'm not sure I'd have ever gotten started if I'd known how long it would take. But, still, it was one of those 'events' that I'll always remember.


Offy said...

I think that people who watched the show for the sci-fi elements of the show were really disappointed with this season and especially the final three episodes, but that's never what the show was about.

This show was always about the characters and that's what the mostly exceptional writing focused on. Season six especially did an outstanding job of examining these characters and I loved just about every moment of it.

I loved the ending and had no problem with the mysteries of the island going unexplained. They explained enough and if they tried to explain everything it would have been to the detriment of the story.

Duncan McGeary said...

Bloody hell.

I'm having trouble with the comments. Offey, could you resubmit, Please?

Duncan McGeary said...

No, there it is again.


Jeff said...

Was the final plane crash at the end a depiction of the original Oceanic 815 flight, or the Ajira plane that just took off with Kate, Hurley, etc? If it was Oceanic 815 wreckage, then the Ajira flight must have made it safely to land, and the passengers died of natural causes much later? Then, they were somehow reunited in that church many years later??? Very strange.

"it wasn't stringed instruments, but you know what I mean"

Actually all of the music that you hear is done by a live orchestra in LA. E.g., the harp player also played in the theme song for The Simpsons. See:

Offy said...

Everything that I've read leads me to believe that the series ended when Jack's eye closed. The plane wreckage was what was left of 815 at that point and was just something to show during the credits.

Jack Goodman said...

I have to agree with all here. Satisfied and I was really scared after the last few episodes left me feeling a little let down. It was very true to the nature of the characters, and in the end left them in what I believe to be a "good place".