Thursday, May 6, 2010

April results.

I wasn't quite able to overcome the horrid 10 days early in the month (inexplicably slow) so ended up at 2% under last April.

Two freakin' percent.

But it breaks the consecutive "beat last year" string at 7. This month last year was a huge outlier, and I suspect we won't beat it either.

Two months is on the way to a trend, (I look at 3 consecutive months) but frankly, because that 2% is so inconsequential (and explained by one customer not buying statues) and because last May was so big, I don't think the trend is there. Maybe flat -- which would make sense if the downturn that started in September 2008 started to flatten out around April last year, which seems likely.

Up slightly in comics, same on DVD's, down in sports cards, down slightly in magic, nearly double on games, down slightly in books and toys, up slightly in graphic novels.


Anonymous said...

hey did you see the BULL today FORECLOSURE ARE DOWN!!!

something like down from 304 a month to 302, on a historic average of less that 50 ... ahh well its good to be DOWN in Bend.

I'm starting to see a lot CORP money loosen up in my world, something I haven't seen since 911.

Definitely the PUMP is being primed. But I still say that post 2012 election cycle will be fucked, and I'm still online to PUMP&DUMP my BEND RE for 2012.

By 2018 our DEBT/GDP USA will be over 90% something that means no return, ... oblivion, GAME-OVER. aka CIVIL WAR.

20 years ago I could have lived in Greece in a second, now its BEND FUCKED(TM), ... today virtually anywhere in SE-ASIA looks good, but then 15 years ago I could say that about mexico and costa-rica.

Nothing remains static.

Anonymous said...

yep, just like our own CACB, .. thank GOD their is still dumb GUBMINT money willing to buy this shit on the fall, ... our paper-money has gone from fluid, to vapor, to condensation, to vacuum, Russians had long ago predicted 2010-spring as implosion US, ... could still be on the horizon. The next 8 years and more either way will be a dark winter in the USA. Until a new war, and a new baby boom, its BEND-FUCKED(tm) for the ParasiticNation.

US stock plunge raises alarm on algo trading

Reuters - Matthew Goldstein - ‎37 minutes ago‎
NEW YORK, May 6 (Reuters) - A spine-chilling slide of nearly 1000 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, its biggest intraday points drop ever, led to heightened calls for a crackdown on computer-driven high-frequency trading.