Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day in the life, part one.

A day in my boring ass life (to steal a title from Kevin Smith.)

Get up at the usual 7:00 or so, scarf down coffee, visit Linda in her office (she's checking out the pictures from our recent trip.) Panga cat ensconced on her shoulder. I make the mistake of touching her shoulder, and she immediately whines for a scratch. I'm talking Linda, not the cat. We watched CLICK last night, and a running joke is the women asking for a massage and Linda and I both laughed because it's an ongoing theme.

I go to my office next door, turn on the heat, and settle down at the computer. Check the blog. Buster is insulting me again (and everyone else); nothing new. Yesterday's blog, which was one of my 'throw-off' blogs (just sort of tossed out there without much thought) has gotten 22 comments.

Hmmm. Think I'll leave it up there for most of the day and see what happens. Milk it for all it's worth.

Get the idea to do a 'day in the life' entry, instead.

Panga cat bursts into room, does a few shark circuits and finds the catnip sock under the desk. All the warm air escaping the room. How rude. I close the door. She goes to the outside door and I let her out. Open curtains -- a BEAUTIFUL day, and I love my new green lawn...

By the time I can finally walk on the lawn, it'll need to be mowed. Thinking of getting an electric mower.

Linda comes in room, looks out window and says, "the lawn looks great. Someone told me that lawns aren't ecological -- they don't give anything back."

"Yep," I say. She leaves to take shower.

She leaves open the door, and all the hot air is escaping. How rude. I close the door. (Linda and the cat do this EVERY MORNING!) I almost have the cat trained.

Play solitaire, start the clothes dryer, do my morning grooming. Get more coffee, check all the usual internet sites. Weekends are always slow online. Read the Bulletin.

Go up to kitchen and make lunch. (I don't eat breakfast.) We have some small banana's, which I like because truth be told I usually only like a little bit of banana, and make some sandwiches -- ham and sour dough bread and mustard -- and throw in a yogurt and energy bar. I have a couple of big water bottles I fill with lemonade everyday.

Linda bought some Dandy burgers on her way home last night (she has always called them Pandy's and now I find myself calling them Pandy's). Only ate about half the fries before I was full. I'll microwave the burger tonight when I get home, because it's too messy for work.

Getting a bit wound up for a Saturday workday at Pegasus Books.

Jasper asked for the day off and since he worked extra while I was on my trip, I agreed. Saturdays are different -- lots more browsers and not so many regulars. I always have to take a deep breath and try to be patient. A successful day is a day where I've kept my equanimity all the way through...

Wish me luck.

Drive to work. I have the timing down to a science -- how long each red light takes, how long a straight shot takes, how to find the quickest and nearest parking spot. Heh.

I have enough time to drop by Linda's store (she opens at 10:00, I open at 11:00.) I like to check out the new arrivals. "Oh, you have the Studs Terkel book, WORKING," I say.

"How did he ever get the name Studs?" Linda asks.

"I suspect that he got it from STUDS LONIGAN, a book written by a guy named Farrell, can't remember his first name.... look it up on Wiki." Linda rolls her eyes, but does so, and there it says exactly what I guessed -- a fellow writer nicknamed him Studs because he was reading the book by Jame T. Ferrell.

"O.K. you all. You can now be impressed."

I sit down and put up my feet. "You shouldn't put your feet on the desk," one of our employees says.

"I have too. My feet are tired from holding up my HUGE BRAIN!!!"

I leave before they start throwing things at me.


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blackdog said...

I highly recommend an electric mower. I had one many years ago, when my lawn was small enough for an electric to do the job. Much less hassle, noise and stench than a gas mower.

Of course if you want to get some exercise as a side benefit, you could always get a push mower. They're much improved from the kind they had when we were kids.