Sunday, May 16, 2010

Important stuff, today.

My beard keeps tickling me awake at night. Turns out, when it gets long, my beard is nearly as soft and fine as my head hair.

I dreamed I trimmed it last night and it looked great.


Someone brought in a bag of used shopping bags, neatly folded into little squares. Hard to imagine someone taking the time to do that. I bet they fold their underwear, too.


Oh, the responsibility! Jasper said a guy was in who visits the store "once a year" and last year I "changed his life" by recommending the book ARMOR.

He told Jasper to pick "one book" and he'd be back.

Jasper chose a Terry Pratchett book -- which is more his taste than mine, but which is fine as long as he really, really ---really really -- likes it. Generally, if YOU really like a book, chances are OTHERS will too.


My take on 3-D movies?


When Linda and I were in Crescent City, we watched "How to Train Your Dragon" on a small non-3-D screen, with bad sound, lumpy seats, and a scratchy print.

And highly enjoyed it.



Jack Goodman said...

Your ARMOR comment makes me want to read some Heinlein. And yeah...I like Prachett and can appreciate his work but after reading Douglas Adams I'm good on humor fantasy for life I think.

BilboBend said...

Someone brought in a bag of used shopping bags, neatly folded into little squares.


This be the biggest thing in Bend for weeks, I bet this is in the BULL tomorrow.

Sheet even HBM will probably have a cover story in the SORE "Bend Man Get's Windfall of Shopping Bags"

Good shit happens to Bend, its only May, and I think the RealEstate Market now will come back, ... shit with a million of these bags you could buy a home in Bend.

This story could be what it takes to get bewert to come back from SLC.

Duncan McGeary said...


Belly laugh! Thanks.

Duncan McGeary said...


Yeah, a little humor fantasy goes a long way....