Friday, May 14, 2010


I KNEW it! Oregon has the fifth slowest drivers in the U.S.A. and all the other states are tiny little things -- DC, Hawaii, Delaware and Rhode Island. You know, they probably can't get up to speed before they're in another state.


Here's a thought. The housing bubble actually helped some people. Like me and Linda. We qualified for a nicer house than we probably should've, considering our income. It so happened that we easily accommodated the mortgage because both of us have been willing to pay a higher percent of income on housing than most people -- and make our savings elsewhere.

Now, we are on the verge of paying of the house completely.

Thanks, bubble.


When I look at where our two stores are at, I come to one inescapable conclusion.

There is NO substitute for experience. Not hard work, not money, not brains, not even luck.

And what is experience?

Learning from your mistakes.

Which means, I guess, that you have to make mistakes and overcome them and outlast them and only then can you bank on your experience.

Of course, there are always more mistakes to make...


Anyone else noticed how good The Good Wife is? I think it's become the show I enjoy the most.

Mentalist and House; great lead characters, but the stories have become awfully formulaic, and in House's case, unbelievable medically.

CSI: L.V. isn't quite as good, though still better than most.

Happy Town is a Twin Peaks wannabe, but I'm still intrigued.

Heroes is so unsatisfying, I gave up. Never liked 24. Don't watch situation comedies or reality shows....

Most of the other shows I like disappear maddeningly for long periods of time: True Blood, Dexter, Caprica.

What else?

The Law and Orders -- all of them -- are almost becoming paradies of themselves.

I'm ready for Lost to be over.

Castle -- dare I say it? It's just too cute for it's own good.

I'm sure I'm leaving out something....



Anonymous said...

slow is good, everytime I drive the pass, and someone is on my ass, I look and its washington plate, ... where the fuck do those people go in such a hurry,

yes, us oryguns are slow ... so fucking what.

biz? two things right place, right time, and just showing up, ... its all about luck, ...right time is very critical, just like your history with the comic biz, ... right place is critical like Bend RE boom 2002->2006, ...

most of us can never choose our right place and right time, which is why it all falls back to luck,

your seed or first money usually comes from inheritance, ... you can spend or invest, but still dumb fucking luck, ... sometimes if your young and smart, you can save-up a seed, but most are too fucking stupid, ... gets back to why 97% of all humanity from all race, are always POOR.

we all like to talk about how fucking smart we are, ... but its all about dumb fucking luck, ...

I know when I first bought DM back in the 1980's I did so mostly because I figured that the USA dollar would become worthless, and I wanted to have a parachute when things got bad here. DM went 5 to 1 from 80 to 2000, and then in 2000 converted to EURO and went up ...

I think the GREEK problem in EURO is a minor problem, greece was fucked before brought into the EURO, the people mostly opposed, largely a game of the powerful, so they bought everyone off with welfare, ... and now the racket implodes, so greece goes back to pre-1980, .. good I think, greece used to be a great and cheap place to hang, post 1990, it became par with europe and nobody could afford food, and kids had to go to athens to find work. So the EURO in effect has only made greece 3rd world country.

On the other hand DM ( germany ), I keep money in DB ( deutsch bank ) so even if the EURO collapses it will just fall back to DM ( deutsch mark ) so fucking what. Germans are fucking smart, ... they learned a lot during WWII.

On the other hand the USA didn't learn shit, USA in their HUBRIS have driven their economy and dollar into the TOILET FOREVER. Greece is back-water to europe, ... the USA is just a penal-colony 100+ years ago, a slave colongy, .. it will return to such.

Greeks used to rule the world, been there done that. They're good people. USA people don't have a fucking clue to what they have done to the world.

Sorry I'm not around much, but where I'm at we don't have internet often.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the EURO now is good, but I'll hold.

If I were younger I would start the game in YUAN ( china ).

For now I like EURO because they're fluid, I still see the USA banks more likely to fail and holiday in the future. The EURO folks can just as easily fall back to the prior currency as when they went forward ten years ago.

The USA will certainly issue a new currency in years to come, ... how soon? I would say within ten years.

The USA will make it harder to take money abroad as folks cash out and bail. I know now when I sell shit and transfer the money to Singapore, I'm getting more and more forms, what used to be no problem $10k, is now a problem with $1k. If I sell something on EBAY for $5k cuz I'm liquidating my toy's, and transfer the money to my Singapore ATM for spending money the fucking USBank has me do paperwork, seems that now even wiring $1k cash to your own fucking bank, from your own fucking bank generates wake-up for home-land security. Of course the real deal is everything is being watched, ... all sort of silly in my mind as ALL wire is done through SWIFT and NSA has always monitored this shit. But now you even have local law enforcement and FBI watching tiny little fucking transfers, ... the USA is getting fucking NAZI WEIRD I TELL YOU.

I'm old, for me I'll keep money in europe, I don't trust the USA, and I don't want to have all my eggs in one basket in Asia. On the other hand its easier than fuck to get work in Asia even for an old fart. No notion of retirement, ... if you want to work its there. If you want to make money its there, ... boredom is the factor with me, I love to work.

We have a joke in Asia, ... "When you get tired of fucking beautiful 20 year old girls, you know its time to leave", ... trouble is most of the folks never leave. I didn't think about this thing much when I was younger, but post 50 in Bend I realized that I could only have post 50+ women, ... thanks but no thanks. I'll take them 1/2 my age, ... please.

Bend really sucks now in my mind. I don't even like being there anymore. Now it seems as if there are more bars than ever. I think the kids are getting fatter,

Getting back to topic dunc, ORYGUNS might be slower, but the fuck-heads in BEND drive like fucking crazy folk in a hurry. BEND Is CALI pure & simple.

Anonymous said...

"both of us have been willing to pay a higher percent of income on housing than most people"

This applies to the entire west coast. People in the middle of the country rarely spend such a high % of income on housing.

Congrats on (soon) getting the house paid off. I can't imagine life without a mortgage payment.

blackdog said...

"Oregon has the fifth slowest drivers in the U.S.A."

And also the dumbest. Many people in Bend, for example, still have trouble grasping the basic concept of the roundabout, aka traffic circle. I regularly see them stopping in the middle of the roundabout to let somebody enter it -- a guaranteed way to produce collisions.

I've even seen people come to a COMPLETE STOP on the friggin' Bend Parkway to let somebody enter in front of them. That is a level of stupidity that's almost criminal.

Duncan McGeary said...

We would've been another 4 to 6 years away, at accelerated payments (I'd done about 25 months of double payments) under normal circumstances, or another 10 to 12 years away at normal payments.

I'm hoping to save the money I'd have spent on accelerated payments and replace the nest egg and save about 25k in interest.

Interest in the longer period would've been even more...

blackdog said...

"everytime I drive the pass, and someone is on my ass, I look and its washington plate ... where the fuck do those people go in such a hurry,"

If you're holding up traffic you're supposed to use one of the SLOW VEHICLE TURNOUTS, ya pokey old fart.

Carl said...

Someone once told me that the only purpose for the slow, incompetent drivers in Bend is to get in front of me and aggravate the hell out of me. Can we get a law to be able to take three a day w/o a license or penalty?

Jeff said...

Breaking Bad is incredible, but disappears like you said.

mugmkr said...

Try this for fun next time you are on the parkway: go the speed limit (45 mph). See how many people pass you who are going at 55 or 60 mph (or even faster). Then, imagine why they are going that fast. Medical emergency? It's a Toyota with acceleration problems? Or just a real quick trip to WalMart?

The city could make up their budget deficit in a week simply by issuing speeding tickets on the parkway.

As far as tv shows, I don't watch too many. When I do get spare time, I watch instantly on Netflix. 9 bucks a month is a whole lot easier on the budget than having cable. But then I can live without sports so I'm fortunate.

blackdog said...

mugmkr: The problem is the parkway was engineered to be a 55 mph road, but because of public pressure ODOT agreed to post a speed limit of 45.

People tend to drive as fast as the design of the road and road conditions allow. If you want them to drive slowly, build a narrow road with lots of curves. If you want them to drive fast, build a wide road with no or few curves. The parkway was designed for fast driving and it's naive to think people will drive slowly on it just because it has a posted limit of 45.

Anonymous said...

Shit you fuckheads should go to the city-court someday and watch the show.

90% of the tickets being fought at the courthouse are for 80+mph and said pkwy,

45mph, what fuckhead hbm fails to remember is there are perpendicular on-ramps at places like down-town, ... this is why its 45mph,

Sure if it were a closed fwy yeh it would be 55mph. But some fucking city clowns wanted access on every fucking block on the FWY, so it ain't a fucking FWY its an urban HWY, which means 45mph.

Close all the fucking side access around the downtown and county buildings the fucking freeway would be legal.

You fuckheads MUST never go to the city courthouse, .. cuz if you did you would know, ... MY laugh is that 80mph on I97 is $80, .. but a dog off leash is $400. ahh shit this is Bend, ... Hell 40 on a 25 residential ain't much either, ...

listening to cunts bitch about speeding really sucks, ...

my courthouse knowledge is that writing tickets on the I97 basically is paying for the bend cop shop.

Anonymous said...

go the speed limit (45 mph). See how many people pass you who are going at 55 or 60 mph (or even faster).


The magic number seems to be 80mph, that's what I saw at the courthouse, .. I didn't see anybody fighting for a ticket at @55, or 65, ..

ALL the folks fighting were folks that had 3+ tickets, ... I think with you get 3+ moving violations in a year they can pull your license. All the argument was that radar don't work, and in every case the cop and judge laugh say "How true and that's why we use lasers that automatically take your picture". Its all quite funny.