Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cell Phone Goofy's.

As someone who doesn't have a cell phone, I can tell you that cell phone behavior is extremely unattractive.

Do I have to own a cell phone to understand the 'Dark Side?'

It reminds me of the old cartoon of genial ol' Goofy, getting into a car and turning into a raving maniac.

In the last 24 hours I've seen:

***The usual big landscaping truck blocking two lanes of traffic chatting away at his cell phone.

***The usual dodging of erratic drivers and noticing they're on their cell phones. (Do the police EVER enforce that law?)

***Two teenage girls following me down the sidewalk, both of them talking at the top of their voices into cell phones, side by side.

***The usual half conversations in the store, about seemingly incredibly mundane things.

So I ask you.

Does owning a cell phone automatically turn people into self absorbed nits?

By not having a cell phone I'm saying:

*** Nothings so important it can't wait.

*** My (half of) a conversation isn't so sparkling that absolutely everyone around me needs to hear it.

*** I am not the actual center of the universe.

***Some conversations aren't necessary.

***I'm comfortable with myself and my own thoughts.

It's me against the world, I tell ya.

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snacks said...

I thought I was the only person left in this world without a cell phone! Land liners unite!