Monday, May 17, 2010

Downtown Openings and Closings.

A couple of significant movings.

Microsphere has moved out of downtown Bend, to across from the hospital on Williamson Blvd. It would seem they have given up on walk-by retail traffic, because they'll get zero there. I'm assuming, tell me if I'm wrong, that they have become more service and repair oriented over the years.

Microsphere has been downtown for a very long time --

I also noticed that Singing Sparrow flowers has big MOVING signs in the window. I've added them to the 'Leaving' list, but will be sure to add them to the 'Comings' list if it turns out they move somewhere else downtown...


Tart, Minnesota Av. , 5/13/10
Olivia Hunter, Wall St. 4/5/10.
Tres Chic, Bond St. 4/5/10
Blue Star Salon, Wall St. 4/1/10.
Lululemon, Bond St. 3/31/10.
Diana's Jewel Box, Minnesota St., 3/25/10.
Amalia's, Wall St. (Ciao Mambo space), 3/12/10
River Bend Fine Art, Bond St. (Kebanu space) 2/23/10
Federal Express, Oregon Ave. 2/1/10
***10 Below, Minnesota St. 1/10/10
Tew Boots Gallery, Bond St. 1/8/10.
Top Leaf Mate, 12/10/09
Laughing Girls Studio, Minnesota St. 12/7/09
Lemon Drop, 5 Minnesota, 11/12/09
The Curiosity Shoppe 11/5/09 25 N.W. Minnesota, Suite #7.
Wabi Sabi 11/4/09
Frugal Boutique 11/4/09
5 Spice 10/22/09
Cowgirls Cash 10/17/09
***Haven Home 10/17/09
Dog Patch 10/17/09
The Good Drop 10/12/09
Lola's 9/23/09
**Volcano Wines 9/15/09
Singing Sparrow Flowers 8/16/09
Northwest Home Interiors 8/5/09
High Desert Frameworks 7/23/09 (*Moved to Oregon Ave. 4/5/10.)
Wall Street Gifts 7/--/09
Ina Louise 7/14/09
Bend Home Hardware (Homestyle Hardware?) 7/1/09
Altera Real Estate 6/9/09
Honey 6/7/09
Azura Studio 6/7/09
Mary Jane's 6/1/09
c.c.McKenzie 6/1/09
Velvet 5/28/09
Bella Moda 3/25/09
High Desert Gallery (Bend) 3/25/09
900 Wall
Great Outdoor Store
Luxe Home Interiors
Powell's Candy
Dudley's Used Books and Coffee
Game Domain
Subway Sandwiches
Bend Burger Company
Showcase Hats
Pita Pit
Happy Nails


Microsphere, Wall St. , 5/17/10.
Singing Sparrow, Franklin and Bond, 5/15/10
28 5/13/10.
Glass Symphony, 3/25/10
Bend Home Hardware, Minn. Ave, 2/25/10
Ciao Mambo, Wall St. 2/4/10
***Angel Kisses 1/25/10 (Have moved to 'Honey.')
Ivy Rose Manor 8/20/09
***Downtowner 8/18/09 (moving into the Summit location)
Chocolate e Gateaux 8/16/09
Finders Keepers 8/15/09
Colourstone 7/25/09
Periwinkle 6/--/09
***Tangerine 7/21/09 (Got word, they are moving across the street.)
Micheal Cassidy Gallery 6/15/09
St. Claire Coffee 6/15/09
Luxe Home Interiors 6/4/09
Treefort 5/8/09
Blue 5/2/09
***Volcano Tasting Room 4/28/09** Moved to Minnesota Ave.
Habit 4/16/09
Mountain Comfort 4/14/09
Tetherow Property 4/11/09
Blue Moon Marketplace 3/25/09
Plenty 3/25/09
Downtown Doggie 3/25/09
***King of Sole (became Mary Janes)**
Santee Alley
Bistro Corlise
Made in Hawaii
Stewart Weinmann (leather)
Kebanu Gallery
Pella Doors and Windows
Olive company
Pink Frog
Little Italy
***Pomegranate (downtown branch)**
Pronghorn Real Estate office.
Speedshop Deli
Paper Place
Bluefish Bistro

1 comment:

BENDBUST said...

I think most things now are service&repair if you wish to make money.

Actually selling shit, ... I think most buy on ... what's the point of retail? Of course this will all change, ... with peak-oil, and real shipping costs, but that is another day.

Now with technology everybody wants everything for free. Service is how real money is made now. If somebody has to bring shit in, why the fuck would you take it down-town and carry shit around the block. So you open your service shop in the BURB's, and customers can bring in their shit.

I think in both you and linda's bookshop biz, the cost of entry is so low $1-$100, with average what $10, ... its really a DOLLAR-STORE. You need traffic and tourism.

For most biz in Bend I think 'tourism' is out, thus you'll not see the 50% downtown shops selling golf-course resorts. Of course $5 can't go wrong downtown, ... there are now way too many bars in Bend all fighting for the same happy-hour customer.

The kids still seem to go out in mass late night, but all tend to hand at the big-3 places for disco.

Maybe biz models like yours will be the NORM of future downtown Bend, that said RENT had better go down, god forbid how many $4 burritos you have to sell to pay rent.

Any rumor on getting a down-town hardware store like we used to have??

FYI when I'm in Bend now I have pretty much given up on Deschutes, .. the new BrotherJohns and 10-barrel, are much more cool. I really think downtown, other than going to the post-office, ... Sure when your living in sun-river for a week and bored, you come up to Bend for the day and walk around.

Sometimes go out for happy-hour, like the black-smith burger, or new merenda.

Most of downtown Bend has no draw. I still find I can go the entire year, without once ever having to go to the east of I97, .. hell with the exception of driving to the Badlands for a dog-hike, ... I never venture east of I-97.

Shopping is Newport & TJ, oh and Ray's is good for commodity's.

You'll never service books, ... I personally HATE the service biz, cuz you got to be there.

I always preferred to sell gadgets myself. That way you can have other people take order and ship, when your not around. Service biz, be it doctor, lawyer, ... its really about selling your time, and there is NO leverage. On hour is an hour for a lawyer or a burrito-flipper.

My guess is the future is long-hours for all, less vacation, less free time, and more people tied to the miserable fucking jobs.

ERGO wage-slaves, by the hour. SERVICE.