Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Many winds.

Much windy.

I don't remember ever seeing this many wind storms in Central Oregon. I wonder if they keep measurements of that?

Was able to get a few hours of gardening in between windstorms and the sprinklers going off. The sprinklers are on heavy rotation with the new lawns; combined with the cold wind, it got a little gnarly out there.

Still, a few hours and I had half the back garden weeded and pruned. It's probably just as well that I'm slowed down. Usually I completely wear myself out by working too hard at first. This year, I want to mosey out into the garden every day or two and do a 'bit' of gardening.

When I first transplanted from our former domicile, I was just sort of just parking the plants until I got serious; until I had a lawn, and a plan. It's taken six years to finally get the lawn and sprinkler system in place. Fortunately, I did put a bit of thought into where I placed the plants -- I still make the beginners mistake of planting them too close together.

For a couple of years, the plants struggled with the Junipers -- but those that finally survived seem chipper enough. I'm planning to take some of the more aggressive plants and colonize other parts of the back yard. The lot is s third of an acre, and most of that space is in back.

My strategy this year with new perennials, will be to go to a professional nursery (no more mass market...) every couple of weeks and buy a couple of currently blooming plants. I have a grand vision, and I don't mind that it will probably take ten years to get there.

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blackdog said...

"I don't remember ever seeing this many wind storms in Central Oregon."

Hell, Dunc, this is the windiest damn place I've ever lived. A 25-mph wind is considered a "breeze" here.