Monday, May 17, 2010

Bookstore visiting.

Linda and I went for a drive to Sisters. Stumbled across the 'subdivision' (?) of Tollgate; which I think people have mentioned over the years, but of which I'd never actually seen. Is it part of Sisters? Part of Black Butte? It's own thing?

Visited the two bookstores in Sisters. Paulina Springs is doubling it's size, for which I am envious. I noticed they are doing the "Powell's" thing, or mixing new and used. I had the same reaction I always have -- it seems to make new books look tacky, instead of used book shiny. But maybe that's just me. They have a nice selection of books, though. Handpicked.

Also visited Lonesome Water books, which I'd never done before. I have been under the impression all these years that they were an 'Antiquarian' bookstore, but -- in fact-- they carry a variety of used books. It's obvious their preference is 'old' books, but they had a nice selection of regular used books, as well.

No real conversing, to which Linda commented: "Well, maybe if you didn't immediately announce that we own bookstores...."

But, what the heck, it's not likely they'll talk business to just any Joe Smoe off the street, either.

Truth is, it's not likely they'll talk business in any way shape or form. Sigh.

Anyway, we have a healthy population of bookstores around here. I'm not sure people realize that -- per capita-- we are way above the normal numbers, both in new and used stores.

Not that I'm complaining.

From what I've read, there are less than 3000 independent bookstores left in the U.S. of A; which if I have my math right, would mean that Central Oregon as a whole, on average, would normally have two bookstores. We have at least five and a half.

I'm not sure what the Used Bookstore count is, but we've got at least six and a half of those, as well.

(I'm the half....both new and used, though that may be flattering myself...)

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